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alex jackson

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Restoration

What term was used to describe the official theaters of the time?
The term used to describe the theaters of the time was legitimate.
Name a famous Restoration actress.
Anne Bracegirdle was a famous Restoration actress.
What is the period between the reigns of Charles I and Charles II known as?
The period between the reigns of Charles I and Charles II is Restoration.
The common wealth ended and the government restored Charles II power as king
What major change did Charles II bring with him from France?
The major change that Charles II brought with him from France was allowing women to act on stage.
Who was the first great Restoration actor?
Thomas Betterton was the first great Restoration actor.
Where did Charles II live during his exile?
He lived in France.
Why is the English era after 1660 known as the Restoration?
Who is known as England's greatest actor?
David Garrick is known as England's greatest actor.
How did wealthy men of the time reserve the best theater seats?
Sent their servants to the theater early to reserve their seats.
What was one of the first famous restoration plays?
The country wife.
Who wrote the school for scandal?
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Who was one of the theater's first woman playwrights?
Mrs. Aphra Behn.
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