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Maximum Ride:

No description

miriam webb

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Maximum Ride:

The conflict in this story is certainly person vs person. The main characters in the story face kidnappers and have to overcome them with violence. I think that the most commonly used conflict in sci-fi is person vs person. Usually, when people think of sci-fi, they imagine unknown creatures capturing humans, but I've learned that even stories with aliens can have themes in them that deal with a person fighting with his or her inner self or nature. This was the case in a story my class read called "Flan." Flan, the main character, is fighting (within himself) to decide whether or not he should sacrifice himself for the rest of his family.
The technology used in this story is exactly what we have now. They used phones, cars, microchips and other electronics just as we do today. The only "unfiltered idea" I noticed in this story was this possibility of turning humans into various species of animals. However, the author didn't go into detail about this process. Do I think it's possible to come up with future ideas? Absolutely. I think the human mind is inexhaustible.
The leader and provider for the group. A sassy, pale, determined blonde who doesn't take no for an answer. She is your average preteen, except that her DNA is altered. Max is an avian-hybrid or half bird, meaning she can fly and she has the strength of millions of grown men.
Maximum Ride:
The Angel Experiment

The Rest of the Gang
The theme for Maximum Ride is "nothing is ever what it seems." In the story, Max meets multiple people, and each of them claimed that she could trust them. All of them ended up being enemies. I find this theme is very common for most science fiction stories. In class, we read a story entitled "Zoo," by Edward D Hoch. I noticed the same theme in this story as well. In
the humans thought that they were looking inside a spaceship and seeing an alien zoo, while the creatures inside the spaceship were looking outside, seeing the humans as aliens.
This book is magnificent for readers who want a little bit of every genre, but still an overall science fiction feel. This book will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. I'd recommend this book to anyone, even if reading sci-fi isn't really your thing, I know this story will keep you coming back for more!
Written by: James Patterson
Presentation by: Miriam Webb

Maximum Ride
Maximum Ride is a story, told in present time, where children have been kidnapped from the hospital to be experimented on scientifically. They're sent to a non-governmental and inhumane science lab called "The School." Max, the main character, and her "crew" escaped years before. What happens when their past comes back to haunt them?
The rest of the hybrids include Iggy, Nudge, Angel, Fang,
and Gazzy. They rely on Max to provide for them, but that doesn't mean they can't fend for themselves. They can break a human like a toothpick. They can also fly, which makes for fast getaways.
Maximum Ride has quite an interesting setting. Although the story is set in present day, it's tough to pin point a specific location of where the story takes place. A life threatening event transpires that not only forces the main characters travel back to the place where they were tortured for years, but also to fly all over the country in fear of their lives.
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