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No description

Kar-Yan Loh

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of Gamification

What is Gamification?
Definition of G
Transactional vs Emotional Engagement
Game Mechanics
Why it's Trending
Capitalizes on macro trends in technology
Is the solution for advertising avoidance
Platform Context
Customer Enga
Brand Awareness
Cost Reduction
Revenue Growth
Successful vs. Unsuccessful Companies
Macro Trends in Technology
Internet Usage
Smartphone Growth
Social Media
Video Games
Welcome to the World of Prezentia
Huzzah! You have become a master of Gamification!
You may be a master but there is still more to learn....
Gamification: The Quest for Mastery
Brian Han
Marquise Henry
James Kim
Jason Kwong
Stephanie Loh
Jeff O'Haleck
Cierra Raymond

Thanks for Playing!
How it is Being Used to Connect Consumer Goals to Business Goals
Your Quest so Far...
Quests C
Discover the meaning of Gamification
Investigate why it's trending
Explore how it's being used

You Win!
Hello traveler!
Your Quests
Discover the meaning of Gamification
Investigate why it's trending
Explore how it's being used
Platform Context
Gaming System
Customer Engagement
Loyalty progra
Rewards program
BRAND Awareness
Engaging and interactive experiences
Lasting impressions
Marketing with built-in social sharing features to encourage social recognition
Cost reduction
Healthcare industry
FoldIt (UW Center for Game Science)
Protein folding model on FoldIt application.
Virtual Surgery performed in the University of Minnesota.
Revenue Growth
Popchips: Sales increase of 40 percent
Google Trends in 2010
Runner up for word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2011
Officially in dictionary in 2014
Successful vs. Unsuccessful Companies
Coined in 2002
Transactional vs Emotional Engagement
"The core of gamification is engaging people on an emotional level and motivating them to achieve their goals" (Brian Burke 2014)
Transactional Engagement = Short Term
Emotional Engagement = Long Term
Gamification is using game mechanics to engage consumers with the end goal of leveraging user motivation to meet an organization's objective
Academic Discourse Community
Marketing Discourse Community
Technology Discourse Community
Team 1A's Definition
Rise of Digital Advertising
Gamification = Solution
Delta Airlines Gamification Success
Savior from Advertisement Avoidance
rtaining objective from business
Red Coat Challenge
Leveling up and Evolving Gamification
Joining the Quest for Gamification
Creating the Common Goal (Businesses and Consumers UNITE!)
Game Mechanics
1. Epic Meaning and Calling
2. Development and Accomplishment
3. Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback
4. Ownership and Possession
5. Social Influence and Relatedness
6. Scarcity and Impatience
7. Unpredictability and Curiosity
8. Loss and Avoida
Team 1A:

Expansion of Internet Traffic
Climbing Smartphone Adoption Rate
173 million in 2009
1.4 billion in 2015
809% increase over 6 years
Social Media Usage Climbs
8% of all adults in 2005
72% of all adults in 2013
Explosion of Video Games
4,672 Petabytes in 2010
33,620 Petabytes in 2015
732% increase in internet traffic
1,073,741,824 Gigabytes in one Petabyte
Just over $60 billion in 2011
$100 billion in 2015
40% increase in sales
$12.5 billion in 2005
$49.5 billion in 2015
396% increase
Bombardment of Advertising Exposure
From 1945-2014
Media consumption
grew 157 minutes per day
Ad exposure
rose 66 minutes per day
Ads noted
lagged at 32 minutes per day
Why Are People Avoiding Advertising?
Source: Cho, Chang-Hoan and Hongsik John Cheon (2004), "Why Do People Avoid Advertising on the Internet?" Journal of Advertising, 33 (4), 89-97.
Surge of Unwelcome Advertising Leads to Advertising Avoidance

Rise of digital advertising
Advertising exposure
Why people are avoiding advertising
Avoidance rates
Rates of advertising avoidance
Where it is avoided
22% of all media advertising
75% of all online advertising
Missed opportunity online
75% or $37.5 billion of total online advertising spend is avoided
The Game
New Yorker's tasked with finding the Red Coats
Share across a social media platform
6 week period
GPS coordinates and picture clues
Winner receives a chartered and catered flight from New York to L.A.
Gamification = Success
Targeted segment New Yorker's
6 week marketing campain wasn't viewed as an advertisement, engaging would be avoiders
Reached 70 million via Twitter
180,000 direct consumer interactions
Gamifying Advertising Leads to Marketing Success
Surge in online activity afforded advertisers extensive reach
Unintended consequence of advertising avoidance
Gamification rejuvenates advertising
Welcomes the consumer to interact on their own terms
Aligns consumer motivations with business objectives
Boss Battles:
Teams will be asked a question,
Get it right, receive a point card
and move on to the next round
Word Find:
Record the red letters
throughout the presentation
person to spell the correct
two word phrase wins!
1. Which group of mechanics are from the Octalysis system.
a. Loss and Gain, Empowerment of Consumers and New ideas, Social influence and Conformity
b. Developing and Experiencing, Empowerment of Consumer and Feedback, Heroic Mission and Meeting
c. Development and Accomplishment, Epic Calling and Meaning, Ownership and Possession

2. How many tweets were sent out during the Red Coat Delta Marketing Campaign?
a. 175 Million
b. 70 Million
c. 180 Million
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
f. Some of the above
g. I’m an idiot

4. Which statement about marketing using gamification is Correct?
a. Marketing with gamification means making a “game” out of advertising
b. It pits businesses against consumers to differentiate business goals from consumer goals
c. It aligns consumer motivations with business objectives to achieve extraordinary things
d. Gamification means businesses can make consumers buy their products through the use of playing games

5. What is Gamification?
a. It’s a video game (Duh)
b. It’s the magic pixie dust! (Yay)✧
c. The study of games (Eh)
d. It’s game mechanics at its finest! (Fancy)
e. Gamification is using game mechanics to digitally engage consumers with the end goal of leveraging user motivation to meet an organization's objective (Totally not this one)

3. Why is gamification the new generation of consumer
a. Because older generations like fast combat systems and raising dinosaurs.
b. Businesses can entice consumers into interacting with them by providing a fun, addicting and paid for experience.
c. Older marketing techniques don’t have colorful explosions.
d. People like interacting with a business through things such as loyalty programs and gamifying the experience makes them want to interact even more. (right)

keep customers engaged in mobile app exclusive for their product in real world activity.
huge success at launch
popularity decreased (badges had no intrinsic value)
failed to keep users constantly engaged
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