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Rizal deciced to return in Manila (May 1892)

Rizal why Rizal mad up his mind to return in Manila * To confer with governor Despujol regarding his Borneo Colonization

Marites Ogapay

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Rizal deciced to return in Manila (May 1892)

Rizal his sister Lucia, window of Herbosa, left Hong Kong
carried a special passport or "safe-conduct" issued by the Spanish consul-general in Hong Kong.
Rizal wrote a letter for Governor Despujol his third letter to the discourteous Spanish chief Executive. The return of Rizal:
* Trinidad tearfully warned him to desist.
* He spent his 31st birthday in Hong Kong (June 19 1892) Last Hong Kong Letters: Reasons why Rizal made up his mind to return in Manila Rizal decided to return in Manila: To confer with Governor Despujol regarding his Borneo Colonization project to establish the Liga Filipina in Manila to prove that eduardo de Lete was wrong in attacking him in Madrid that Rizal, being comfotable and safe in Hong Kong had abandoned the country's cause. 2 Sealed letters made by Rizal ( June 20, 1892 ) To My Parents, Brethren, and Friends"

To The Filipinos" To be opened after his death
To Dr. Marques (Safe Keeper) Rizal Falls into Spanish Trap * Spanish Consul -general - issued the government guarantee safety, sent a cablegram to Governor Despujol.

*Secret case was filed in Manila "Anti-Religious and Anti-Patriotic Agitation.

*Luis de la Torre - secretary of Despujol, ordered him to find out if Rizal was naturalized as a German citizen.

*Rizal and his sister peacefully crossing the China Sea.

*Unaware of the Spanish duplicity. June 21 1892 * Relatives and friends of Rizal oppased his decision. THE END.......... In CHAPTER 20
Ophthalmic Surgeon in Hong Kong ( 1891-92)
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