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Business Plan: RR&R ~ cafe and hookah bar

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Elizabeth Rahimi

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan: RR&R ~ cafe and hookah bar

RR R RR&R cafe Characteristics Location Our business idea is to open an exotic and unique lounge in which customers can embrace the Middle Eastern heritage. We serve light snacks to enhance the mood and environment. Persian tea and desserts which are homemade, will be served on the menu. A hookah bar with many different flavors is available to choose from as well, your preference. - The RR&R cafe offers organic and safe, tobacco-free products to our customers and the vicinity.
- Our desserts are homemade and fresh, and are Persian delicacies and the occasional cookie or brownie.
- We offer an arrangement of imported Middle Eastern teas and Green Tea/ Earl Grey.
- The cafe will have an exotic feel, through the accessories throughout the lounge.
- The seating will be pillows and low tables to fit the hookah. cafe and hookah lounge & Outlook We decided to create this business because it is a new and unique idea for adults who enjoy being in a relaxed and warm environment. As the owners, we believe that the RR&R cafe and hookah bar will provide a cultural atmosphere which will create a flow of customers. examples 4936 Fairmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

Lease Length - Negotiable.
Square Feet Needed - 6,000 ft
Square Feet Available - 5,200 ft
Cost per Month - about $4,010
Cost per Year - about $48,120
Renting Space - Negotiable. Primary Target RR&R cafe and hookah lounge is mainly targeted towards 18+ adults. We believe people from every cultural background between the ages of 18-40 who live in the Bethesda area will be our primary target.

57.7% people between the ages of 18-40 living in Bethesda is our target Market Share As the owners, we decided to purchase unique hookah's from the best sellers we can find.

-$25.97 for each + shipping and handling

-We will start off with 4 and work our way up from there as business progresses

Typically sold for about
$50 each market share Strengths:
- All competition is in Georgetown and Adams Morgan
- Metro Accessible
- Public parking directly across the street
- Huge variety some of the best restaurants to eat at for dinner and then stop by our cafe for either tea/desserts or just relax and let us take care of you!

- Our business hours
Mon-Fri: 2 Pm-10:30 Pm
Sat-Sun: 12 Am-12 Pm
- We don't serve alcohol - Not as many adults will come because of this
- Must be 18+ after 8 o'clock because hookah lounge opens Barriers

The only barrier that might
slow down our business is the
other cafes in downtown Bethesda

80% chance of succeeding in the first year

We have to ensure we have some of the best, friendly and warm employees Our target market is very important to our business in order to have a successful business and so that people will continue to come back and recommend RR&R cafe and lounge to their friends

Currently, we don't have any barriers that will slow down our business because there are no other hookah lounges and cafe's in the Bethesda area. Our window of opportunity to enter this business is high. We are confident that we will be successful and continue to bring in satisfied and frequent costumers and hope to be one of the most prospective cafe and lounge in the Bethesda area. Indirect or secondary competitors who my impact our success? There are no competitors in our area but we believe the Positano restaurant right next door will help our business and make it successful, because customers at Positano can come after their dinner to get dessert and have a good time. We estimate that our business will be successful and we are confident that we will gain about 85% in market share Mona Rajaei, Roya Rahimi, Danie Rodriguez entrance fee will be a set price of $7 per person
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