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Red Scarf Girl


Sydney Trepeck

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Scarf Girl

Sydney Trepeck Red Scarf Girl The Government GOVERNMENT Resources/Economics People were willing to give anything to anyone.
Smoke filling air would've caused a fire.
Wrote stuff in classrooms on blackboards.
Made their own clothes.
Used weapons for Revolution against Chairman Mao.
Wrote letters to update out-of-town families about the Cultural Revolution.
The cultural revolution was a 10 year event. During those 10 years, people were forced to believe in Chairman Mao. Everyone had to be the same, therefore, offering no versatility because people had to believe in the same things. People wrote negative messages to other people simply because of something like family, wealth, and, Political Status. Chairman Mao wanted people to believe in him.
The goal for Chairman Mao was to brainwash them into thinking he's more important.
Many people were forced by the Government to believe in Chairman Mao, and, nothing else.
Mao made sure everything revolved around him.
People would rather quit than be rejected by Mao.
Mao was the "Idol" according to Chinese citizens. Resources/Economics Red Scarf Girl Religion/ Spiritual Beliefs RELIGION/SPIRITUAL BELIEFS Resolved to Chairman Mao/ Church.
Believed in fate.
Same Cultural Revolution sayings on Blackboard.
Cultural Revolution was a belief spread all over China.
People testified to say they weren't with Chairman Mao's laws/rules/etc.
Families wanted to support each other instead of Guards hunting them PART 1- WORLD CULTURES LEARNING/
TECHNOLOGY Taught in believing that the event was more important. Taught to listen to their teachers. Everyone was taught that everyone was a member of a class Exhibitions were used to show parents what kids learned in class. People learned through Mao's Method. FAMILY
SOCIETY Called by last name, first name People raised animals in China Showed families what they learned in School People stalked family history/ background ARTS & CRAFTS Kids played Piano during Cultural Revolution. Scholars wore certain clothes in movies. Did Tai-Chi to calm down. People listened to foreign broadcasts over the radio/television. China had many cups and other things created by kids, and, other friends/family. LANGUAGE ARTS artifact #1- DA-Zi-Bao The Da-Zi-Baos were mean messages that Chairman Mao made everyone write to each other. People often wrote mean messages to each other. They were mainly based of family, wealth, and, political status. These were the usages of Propaganda during the Cultural Revolution, and, the way to pick on people for minor, and, big details about themselves. ARTIFACT #2- Arts Artifact #3- Army Uniforms The Army Uniforms were worn by the Red Guards. They wore this 24/7 during the Cultural Revolution. Most notably, they wore this for the invasions, that most families in China were not expecting. People were usually scared because they never knew what would happen next. Artifact #4- Burnt Photos The burnt photos throughout the Cultural Revolution were tarnished. The Red Guards had to do this so that people could start fresh, and, believe in the laws of Chairman Mao. Red Guards made people burn their photos because of the regime they put the citizens under during the Cultural Revolution just so they can all believe/worship Chairman Mao. Artifact #5- Political Song Artifact #6- Poetry The poetry during the Cultural Revolution was meant to make fun of people based on something they don't want lots of people to know about. When people wrote the poetry, it got publicized, and, to make things worse, people knew about that person's status in the modern society. The Political songs were sung to make fun of someone's political status. Everyone was singing songs about everyone's Political status, therefore, causing people to make fun of one another based on something simple, like their POLITICAL STATUS! The arts made during the cultural revolution wasn't to decent. People were drawing their love to Chairman Mao, & , the Cultural Revolution itself. People drew this art so they could also calm down. When the art was finished, people may have had throw it away simply because of the content in the art, if it had nothing to do with Chairman Mao, if it had something to do with Chairman Mao, they could keep it, but, if it didn't, they had to throw it away simply because it didn't fit with Chairman Mao's rules, philosophies, etc. Artifact #7- Regimes of the Cultural Revolution The Regimes were brutal. People were doing crazy stuff just so they could survive the events. Lots of people wanted to change the Regime, but, couldn't because of the events, &, Mao's plans. Mao's plans caused some people to change stuff, like beliefs, schools, etc. In the Summer, instead of studying, kids would get to play during the summer. Artifact #8- Mao's Little Red Book Mao's Little Red Book was to say what to & not to do during the Cultural Revolution. It included his philosophies, &, his famous quotes. It got controversial ratings from citizens because they wanted to believe what they wanted, &, not what Mao wanted to have them believe in. The Little Red book was torture to read for other Chinese citizens because they had to believe in the Chairman Mao stuff, whilst Chairman Mao can watch people believe in his philosophies. China Today Today, people in China have more freedoms than they did in the Cultural Revolution. China is now a communist nation, &, is the 2nd largest economy in the world. Some freedoms are limited, like speech, religion, &, press. People can chose who they want to marry, and, if they want to get in a divorce. You can only have 1 child in China because of the taxing going on. You aren't allowed to own guns in China. Chinese citizens have a list of religions they must believe in, or, believe in no religion. USA Today The USA still has the same freedoms, although, lots more than china. The USA has the largest economy in the world. In the USA, you are granted more freedoms, especially religion & press. Also, you can have more than 1 child in the USA. 1 thing the US can do that China can't is own Guns. The US can chose what religion they want to believe in. Thanks 4 Watching :)
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