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Hip hop culture prezi

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Taliah Backhouse

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Hip hop culture prezi

The hip hop culture
What is hip hop?
Hip hop is a culture that includes different types of art forms

These art forms are Graffiti, Djing, Break dancing, Rapping and Beatboxing

These art forms are used to express a meaning. Rapping is almost always in 4/4 time
Does rap appeal to you?
Rap doesn't appeal to me because of the beat and I can't understand what they are saying

In my opinion, it is a horrible type of music and I don't like it, although I do like break dancing
What other musical styles may have influenced the emergence of Hip Hop and rap music ?
Some musical styles that have influenced Hip hop and rap music are:R&B, funk, soul, jazz and rock

They have influenced it by bringing the style and rhythm to the Hip hop culture and rap music
How has the development of technology changed rap as an art form?
Technology has changed rap as an art form hugely and in many ways

Some of those ways are: TV, through channels and shows dedicated to rap, and movies based around Hip hop and rap

The media has also changed rap as an art form
How has this genre changed and developed in Australia?
Why does rap and Hip hop appeal to a certain demographic?
Australian Hip hop was started in the early 1980s and was originated by African-American movements from urban areas

The Hilltop Hoods have made a big change in Australian Hip hop culture and history

They have made people in Australia change their mind about rap and the Hip hop culture
I think that rap and Hip hop appeals to a certain demographic because to them it is cool and funky and upbeat

Also it could appeal to them because they like the rhyming and lyrics
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