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No description

Ben Miller

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of mars

this is the planet mars
it is also knownas the red
planet. Mars is coverd with
95% C02 &
3% N
the equal radius on
mars is 3,396.2 and can
fit 533 earths
Mars relates to the sun
because it orbits wich takes
one year. scientists can see it
from earth with a naked
eye. What is special
about mars is the slolar systems
largest volcano is on mars. It is called
Olympus Mons. What we find cool is that
it is named after the Roman god of
Mars has two tiny moons
Phobos and Demios. The moons were dicoverd in 1877
by Asap Hall and are named after the
roman godof wars childern. The diameter at the equater
on mars is 4222 miles. Thank You
Mars is 78,338,750
from earth. Ben Miller & Patrick .R.
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