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Music project

No description

Lindsey Hails

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Music project

Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945. His life: Bob Marley started making music in 1964, so he is very experienced. Bob Marleys music career started with him taking music classes. Marley got his inspiration by current econmic impoverishment as well as problems with the government and its policies. Marley was given credit to writing about 230 songs in his life! Maybe even more! Marley injured his big toe in a soccer game in France while he was touring for Exodus. His toe was never completely fixed and Marley refused to have it amputated, believing all bodies must stay whole. The infected toe was believed to lead to cancer in his lungs, liver, and brain. Career: Music: Bob Marley
Jamal Wellmaker, Lindsey Smith, and Shelby Hails Marley's music was inspired by economic impoverishment and problems with the government and its policies. Marley was given credit to writing about 230 songs in his life. Maybe even more! Bob Marley and the Wailers were a VERY POPULAR reggae band created in 1973 by Bob Marley! The band broke up a year later, but Marley went solo. Bob Marley was so popular that he toured in England, USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Japan, New Zeland, Austrailia, Hawaii, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Bahamas, Gabon, and Trinidad/Tobago SEVERAL times EACH! Some of Marley's songs even hit number one, such as One Love/People Get ready, Buffalo Soldier, Is This Love, No Woman No Cry, Jamming, Three Little Birds, Could you be loved, Stir it up, Waiting in Vain, and Get Up Stand up. Because Marley was so talented, he receive TONS of awards. He was awarded Band of the year, Inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, "Exodus" was named album of the century, A star on the Hollywood walf of fame, #11 on the list of 100 greatest artists, "One Love" was named song of the millenium, "Catch a Fire" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and He was named the Greatest Lyricest of all time. Marley inspired some of his family to become part of the music buissness, including Sharon Marley (Melody Maker), Damian Marley (Hip Hop and R&B maker), Julian Marley (Song Writer), Kymani Marley (Hip Hop performer), Rita Marley (former Wailers' singer), Stephen Marley (Songwriter), and Ziggy Marley (Singer). If chosen, Bob Marley will preform Bad Boys, Three little Birds, I shot the Sheriff, Buffalo soldier, and Iron Lion Zion. Choosing Bob Marley to preform at your concert would be a VERY smart thing to do, one reason being that he has tons of practice preforming, and has NO PROBLEM getting fans up off their feet and having fun! With Marley there it will make everyones experience more happy and delightful! It could also help raise attendance, considering most of Marley's concerts were sold out, or nearly packed!
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