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"Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" (3rd Per.)

No description

Adam Johnson

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of "Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" (3rd Per.)

"Sonata for Harp and Bicycle" by Joan Aiken Setting (Time & Place) Conflict 5 Elements of Plot Mood (created by tone & setting) Tone Suspense Theme Limited # of Characters Jason Ashgrove Miss Golden Mr. Manaby (minor) Evening\Night time
At the Grimes Building,
which has a "dim and crumbling
exterior" (541). tense\suspenseful\foreboding\violent - due to secrets being kept 1. "bicycle and harp" 2. Bicycle bell ringing at end of section 1 3. People leave at 5pm
sharp for SOME reason At an ad agency Elements of a Short Story
as shown in: 4. Jason hears "again the bell;
the bicycle bell" (544). - due to the ghost being
on the scene William Heron
Male Ghost Daisy Bell
Female ghost & 1. man vs. society
society = Established Staff

2. Man vs. supernatural Romantic
Gloomy Love is eternal. Exposition Miss Golden and Jason Ashgrove are in the Grimes Building, working at an ad agency. 1. People start rushing out at 5p.m.

2. Jason goes in at night alone.

3. Jason meets the ghost, and Miss Golden
tells him the secret. Climax Jason and Berenice go into the building after dark
to reunite the two ghosts. Ghosts were reunited. Denouement Jason and Berenice jump off the fire
escape with the parachute and roses at 11:50pm.
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