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Industrialization in the Civil War

No description

Joshua Steinmann

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Industrialization in the Civil War

The Southern Economy
only got money with export of cotton and agriculture

sold a lot of their goods to North America

South America depended on North America

Southern problems in the Civil War
loss of cotton exports
lost banking system
much money printed -> lost value
only some factories for war goods
very bad harvest -> no food
Main reasons for the defeat of South
less weapons and ammo then North

hungry soldiers

men tried to safe and feed their families

instead of fighting in the war

big inflation

small railroads
Not enough money

Greenbacks were cheaper than gold and silver

easier to produce

inflation in North 80% year

inflation South 9.000% end of war

enough food/ factories
big railroad
financial advantages
they did not depend on export
The North
Growing factories
Main reasons for the Victory of the North
Main big problems North
need of steel
need of uniforms
need of ammunition/ weapons
No men could work in the factories
more population than south
No slavery
Much industry like rifles and ammunition
69% from railroad in The North (31% south)
Not enough money

Table of content
Important things

Northern and Southern economy

Main reasons for victory and defeat


Southern problems

Growing factories
Wissen ist stark Weltgeschichte
Important things
beginning of Civil War 12th April 1861

ending of Civil War 9th April 1865

North-> industry/ factories

South-> farming-> slavery

Abraham Lincoln is president
Economy in the Civil War
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