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32th Triennial Congress

No description

Dhian Lisnani

on 1 May 2016

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Transcript of 32th Triennial Congress

Professional Conference Organizer
32nd Triennial Congress
ICM Bali 2020
Will be held in...
Let's make AWESOME event...
With us.....
Medical Conference Organizer
Together, our strengths, interests and talents create an exciting as much as powerful mix.

established in 2001, is a full service professional conference organiser (PCO) based in Indonesia that specialises in the organisation of association-based congress and professional conferences. We provide expert knowledge, experience and operational resources to plan and deliver successful events of vastly varying sizes, geographical locations and subject matter.
We can be a valuable resource to association organising committees who do not have the time or other resources to take on the hosting of a major event without external support.

As PCO, we support organising committees in all aspects of planning and managing their events. When planning a conference, we work with organisers to help develop budgets, to ensure that they are controlled and to chart a time linked project plan to ensure a systematic approach to the whole congress especially for 3,000 delegates, every detail must be scrutinised, nothing can be left to chance.
No two conferences are the same; each one is unique in its requirements and delivery - requiring the highest levels of skills in management, marketing, negotiations, budgeting, communications and execution. We are a team of dedicated professionals and specialists in each of these areas to manage these complexities for our clients.
Hi Tech for
Audience Response System
Interpreter System
This might just suit ICM Congress 2020
With an eye for details, this is how we organize congresses. And it seems that we're going about it the right way: the loyalty of our many international clients is the best proof.
Whether the event is small or large in numbers, whether individual services are requested or a carefree "all-in"-package, whether we are suppliers or partners: we are ready to take on the requested role.
As PCO, we lead you through the rough-and-tumble of tax legislation as well as newest compliance rules and visa requirements. Make sure that participants have an easy time.
Reduce costs, for example through smart negotiations with suppliers. Read contracts closely in order to spot and avoid hidden costs and risks.
That way, your head stays free for what matters to you.
Policy & Management Stategy
In good time before a meeting, We book and secures hotel room capacity so that you can be sure that there are rooms at a set price for everyone who wish to make a reservation.

Before we make a larger group reservation, we estimate the amount of rooms needed for the particular meeting and what price range and location that is suitable. We negotiate with the hotels to get the best prices and conditions. When the contracts are signed, we are responsible for all contact with the hotels and to make sure that the cancellation rules are followed. We monitor the number of sold rooms so that there is always capacity.

"Less Paper Conference for our Green Earth"
Helping to achieve sponsorship
Create a wish list of sponsors
The easiest way to work this out...
• Really get to know and understand your target audience
• Review the peak sources of information in your area.
Keep writing down names of companies until you've got a nice healthy list – say 25 to 50 to start with. You can always add more as new ideas come to mind.

Research each of the sponsors
Once we have a list of sponsors it's time do to some detailed research. The idea is to get a good understanding of what makes the company tick and realistically assess the potential sponsorship opportunities.
How do you research a potential sponsor? Here are some ideas:

• Company website – Go thorough this is great detail. Get know the company well.

• Brand websites – Often a company will have multiple brands so make sure you research these in detail as well. Each brand may be supported by separate marketing and sponsorship staff.
Record the details in the Sponsor Research Template
The template includes the following fields:
• Company name
• Location
• Compatibility score – discussed below
• Primary and secondary contact information
• Website and social media links
• A list of brands, products and services
• The sponsor's marketing objectives
• Target audience details
• Current sponsorship arrangements – a list of existing sponsorships

Reality check using the Sponsor Compatibility Matrix...
4 Compatibility Attributes
1. Relationship – Do you have an existing relationship or connection with the sponsor?
2. Objectives – Do you fit with the marketing objectives of the sponsor?
3. Audience – How closely do you share a common target audience?
4. Size – How big is the sponsor compared to the value you can provide?
Pick up the phone and contact hot list of sponsors
"A great way to cold call a potential sponsor".

Seating for all concurrent
Sessions is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Selection of sessions during registration.

Don’t take it from us. Hear what our clients and partners have to say about us.
Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M Kes
Indonesian Midwives Association
Prof. Dr. Paul Finacism, S.PB
Physician Surgeon General Indonesia
“I would like to express my thanks and congratulations for the success of the Physician Surgeon General Congress. You did amazingly well considering the difficult and stressful situation on the ground, and I have the greatest respect for your professionalism, endurance and hard-work. The feedback I have received from the doctors has all been positive, and most are extremely impressed with the way the meeting was handled given the location, budgetary constraints and difficulties faced.”
"PT Transpanorama was the PCO for our Indonesian Midwives Congress for 4 consecutive years. This conference attracts around 3,000 delegates, from around Indonesia. With more than 60 speakers, international keynotes, a social program and trade display, it is a large event to coordinate and manage. PT Transpanorama were responsible for sourcing and managing the venue, accommodation requirements for delegates, abstract submission process, registration, social program co-ordination, sponsorship and trade display, and the variety of other management tasks associated with running a conference. The team were very efficient and I found them all delightful to work with. A very effective working relationship was established between PT Transpanorama and the national organising committee. The conference ran very smoothly and delegates were happy – a good indication of a successful event."
Dr. Hardiono S.PA
Indonesian Pediatric Society
"Please accept my congratulations and special thanks for all your work, before and during Indonesian Paediatric Society Congress in Batam and Bandung, Indonesia. The conference was a success well beyond my most optimistic expectations. The PT Transpanorama team can claim much of the credit for this splendid outcome. I personally have enjoyed working with all the staff at PT Transpanorama. I have always found people helpful, courteous and quick to assist. Please accept my personal thanks for a job well done."
Special Event
Singapore Street Regatta 2010
Neptune Regatta 2014
Planning and Consulting

• Draft an action plan and timeline; define responsibilities and milestones
• Take part in organisational meetings with you, the organiser
• Advise and coordinate logistics for the complete congress organisation
• Serve as central contact point for organisers suppliers, speakers, participants and exhibitors
• Negotiate with, assign and supervise required suppliers in accordance with the organiser
• Produce a congress report including statistics
Budget and Financial Management

• Compile and continuously update a detailed congress budget
• Set up a financial reporting system
• Continuously monitor income and expenses
• Draw up a final balanced
Venue and On Site Management

• Advise on venue requirements and create a concept ensuring optimal use of space
• Negotiate and conclude venue contract
• Coordinate site inspections for the organiser and/or industry partners
• Solicited quotations from third party suppliers; order and organise technical equipment, catering, interpreting services, signage and other relevant services on site

Marketing and Advertising

• Develop a marketing plan in accordance with the congress structure and culture
• Coordinate development of a corporate identity for printed matters and web
• Coordinate printed matters (flyers, announcements, conference programmes, posters, etc.)
• Produce other printed matters (invitations for framework programme, honorary certificates, etc.)
• Coordinate the set-up of the congress website and provide regular updates
Delegate Servicing

• Set up an online registration platform, which is linked to the congress website
• Handle ongoing correspondence with delegates regarding registration, networking programme and general information about the congress destination
• Provide registration options online or via fax form; send out confirmations for services booked
• Collect registration fees via bank transfer or credit card using a safe connection
• Compile congress materials for delegates
• Set up staff registration counter on site for handling new registrations and handing out of congress materials
Networking and Framework Programme

• Provide a concept and suitable suggestions for the various evening events
• Compose texts for invitations, printed matters and the congress website
• Manage invitations in accordance with the organiser's guidelines
• Develop and supervise an action plan
• Coordinate external suppliers (location, decoration, signage, technical equipment, catering, artists, transfers, etc) and supervise event on site
Midwives save Live
Save Earth
Clipper Round the World 2009
Our Achievement
The Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Pediatric Society
(12 – 14 July 2004) Batam 2,000
The National Meeting of Indonesia Heart Association (2005) Batam 2,000
The Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesia Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
(04 – 06 July 2005) Batam 2,000
The Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Ophtalmologists (2005) Batam 2,000
The National Congress of Indonesia General Surgeons (2006) Batam 2,000
The Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Society of Respirology
(05 – 06 July 2006) Batam 2,000
The National Meeting of Indonesian Midwives Association
(02 – 06 November 2006) Balikpapan 2,000
Indonesian Psychiatric Association Congress
(16 – 19 November 2006) Batam 2,000
8th Indonesian Society of Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care
(09 – 10 March 2007) Batam 2,000
ORTHOPAEDI Congress (12 – 14 April 2007) Batam 2,000
Indonesian Society of Anesthesiologists and Reanimateurs Congress
(09 – 12 July 2008) Batam 2,000
Indonesian Midwives Associations Congress
(02 – 06 November 2008) Padang 2,600
Indonesian General Surgeons Congress (04 – 08 Mei 2009) Riau 2,000
The Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Society of Radiology
(20 – 21 Mei 2011) Batam 2,300
Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine Congress
(08 – 11 June 2011) Batam 2,500
Indonesian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Congress
(21 – 23 September 2011) Batam 2,000
The National Meeting of Indonesian Midwives Associations
(11 – 16 October 2011) Solo 3,000
Associations of Indonesian Midwifery Education Institutions Congress
(10 – 12 April 2013) Jakarta 2,200
The Annual Workshop of Ministry of Indonesia Health Republic
(22 – 24 October 2013) Jakarta 2,500
The National Congress of Indonesian Midwives Associations
(11 – 16 November 2013) Jakarta 3,200
Key Perfect Table Plan features for gala dinner planning:

• Specify who you want to sit together or apart and let Perfect Table Plan assign seats.
• Create scale floor plans.
• Experiment with table shapes and sizes.
• Track budget, meal choices and RSVPs.
• Save typing by importing guest names and details from Excel and other formats.
• Create reports for caterers and suppliers.
• Accommodate inevitable last minute cancellations with minimal stress.

Mutual Cooperation between Organizer and Hotel with MOU, 3 years before.
Down Payment 10% - 1 years before.
Cancellation and wash up - 3 months before.
Settlement 1 month before
ICM - CLOUD for All Data, Easily downloaded by user friendly software, during conference until 3 months later
Hospitality Desk
Gala Dinner Set Up
Programming & Organizing 200 Concurrentment Season

VVIP Handling
Interpreter Room
Interpreter Headset
FEE & Charges
"Success is our Guarantee"
February 2015
There are many ways, could be :
1. Based on the budget
2. Based on the job set by committee
3. Based from the nett profit
4. Based on percentage
5. Last we could always discuss
1 Constructed in 2015-2016 and lauched in 2017

2 All about Bali 2020

3 On line Registration and Payment
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