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The Emergency Information Management Toolkit

For response within the first two-four months of a refugee emergency.

Jessica Schnabel

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of The Emergency Information Management Toolkit

which = lives.
It's about fundamentally

populations of concern.
at HQ and in the field,
miss gaps, waste time,
money and resources,
When manage information poorly --

Information Management

The Emergency

use information and data to
enable evidence-based decision-making
improving our assistance to
It's about understanding

behind the people.
the data
The 'Toolkit' is based on

from the field...
...and offers
tools, examples
and links for...
information management (IM)
in a
advice and best practices
The Toolkit is also about using
advanced technology and simple systems...
...to gather data and information on the populations we serve...
...so information may be
analyzed, monitored and shared,
informing our decisions.
The end.
The Toolkit was a
community effort,
support of various...
...compiled with the participation and
The thinking behind the Toolkit is simple,
The Toolkit is an addendum to

already in existence.
UNHCR emergency
response guidance
coordinated humanitarian response ...
The Toolkit is meant to inform a
...during the first
two to four months
of a refugee emergency.
UNHCR managers are responsible for
ensuring that staff are aware of
and deliver upon their specific
(that’s YOU)
information management responsibilities.
implementation of
Who is accountable for the
information management?
Information and data management is
inherent in the roles and responsibilities of
every UNHCR staff member...
quality and efficiency of our operations.
...and improvements in this area
have a direct impact on the
Working together...
faster to the needs of persons of concern!
...both within
...and with our partners...
…It’s up to the

responsibilities and reporting lines.

It may vary by operation,
How does the

of the office?
(Don’t worry, we are working on tools for this.)
IMO fit into the structure
based on needs and resources.
Representative to decide

throughout the office to undertake
information management
…but to empower colleagues
within their specific roles.
The Toolkit website is available at: http://data.unhcr.org/imtoolkit

which is a new
role within UNHCR.

Information Management Officer (IMO)
The IMO's role

for every position within UNHCR...
is not to undertake
information management

collecting only information we use
and using only information we collect.
It’s about working smarter,
...because computers
people do.
the role of the
The Toolkit also explains
don't manage information,
The Toolkit
establishes UNHCR’s internal
information management roles and responsibilities...
...for Managers and
within UNHCR.

…through timely, actionable information,

of the populations we serve.
Information management

to our partners...
is a service we provide
so aid is tailored to the needs
For further information, go to:
...And may be used by anyone responding to a refugee emergency!
The Toolkit covers

refugee emergency!
Core Relief Items
Who is doing
what, Where
Camp profiles
Emergency Needs
Management Strategy
Population Statistics
Registration in an
Rapid Population
Estimation Techniques
Shelter and
Public Health, Water, Sanitation,
Food Security and Nutrition
so our partners

and when
to expect it.
The Toolkit standardizes the

of major UNHCR information
management products,
content, timing and frequency
know what to expect
The Toolkit will continue to be
revised as needed,
based on advancements in the field.
...throughout UNHCR to

within the organisation.
We look forward to
continuing to work with colleagues...
enhance information and data management

January 2015
Field Information and Coordination Support Section,
Division of Programme Support and Management
UNHCR Headquarters,
UNHCR's core
responsibilities in a
...and offers
tools, examples
and links for...
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