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the leader

No description

Sara Elkaysi

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of the leader

As an implementer and someone who loves evaluation, the biggest Challenge for me is when I can see that team members can't balance their planning and thinking with doing the actual task in a way in which they leave enough time to evaluate their performance and make appropriate changes. It seems that to tackle this, I have either used Honey (2004) theory of Educating team members, or have used the force and support where the cause was justified.
Team workers might become uncertain when unpopular decisions need to be made.

Also different personality types occasionally led to disagreements.

Resolving issues:

We never let these disagreements get out of hand; everyone put their opinions forward and managed to come to a general agreement.
As being the coordinator, The co-coordinator is a person-oriented leader.
This person is :

- Trusting
- Accepting
- Dominant
- Committed to team goals and objectives.

As according to Belbin's theory, a plant is a person who is:

- Creative
- Imaginative
- Free thinking

According to Belbin I am an implementer who turns ideas into action, organizes the work that needs to be done.

According to Honey I am a Thinker/Doer. This is someone that not only considers the ideas of other people and can improve them but can gets on with the job and also urges others to get on with the task. I value the time and always looking to have a balance between thinking and doing.

Team worker
According to Belbin - Team player
is a person who plays or works well as a member of a team.
A tendency to behave, contribute and connect with others in a particular way.
A team worker generally participates in all tasks

Resource investigator:
- Carries out in-depth research relating to the tasks and topic

Resource Investigator
Resource Investigator my roles included:

- Exploring and reporting on idea
- Developments and resources outside the group
- Creating external contacts that may be useful to the team and conducting negotiations.
- Explores opportunities and develops contact
They are characterised as:

- Sociable
- Enthusiastic
- Good at liaison work and exploring resources outside the group.
I had found that I lose interest once the initial enthusiasm has passed and some times too optimistic.
Similarly, as a resource investigator, letting down members of the group by abandoning follow-ups to arrangements made.

Resolving Issues:

- I managed to over come these weaknesses with the help of other group members as, my weakness is another members strong point
- I over came loosing interest by keeping updated with what other team members had done therefore gave me a larger insight to the designated topic
As according to Belbin as a shaper my role is to:

- Get the group together
- Challenging
- Dynamic
Thrives on pressure

Being a team supporter does not always mean that you are fully aware of your role in the team, sometimes people have different interpretation on the different roles, and you can always be a bad one
The problems faced as a COORDINATOR:

- Getting the team together
- setting out suitable tasks for everyone
- finding a suitable time for everyone to be available at
- finding out the clear
objectives of the task

Resolving issues:

- Through Tuckman's theory (1965),
start by forming and storming

Middle Eastern

Sara, Maryam, Karrar, Yousef, Saz
As a team supporter you communicate a lot with your team and you help them if they get stuck with their task. With a team supporter you help the team not to lose focus
As a shaper, a shaper is:
- Prone to provocation
- May become aggressive just to get the work done

Resolving issues:
This was resolved between the group
by supporting each other and hoping to
perform well
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