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saje fuller

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of LST

Self Image Lifeskills Training Self Image
Decision Making
Smoking: Myths and Realities Alcohol, Marijuana, and other drugs Advertising
Coping with Anxiety and Anger Communication
Skills Social Skills
Resolving Conflicts Welcome To So what are we going to be doing? How we see ourselves; the mental picture we have of ourselves. What is it? This image is formed largely by our past experience and what people have told us How do we get it? ? How Self-Image Affects Behavior Why does it matter if we see ourselves accurately?
First how we see ourselves is important because it affects how we behave
Second, it affects how good you feel about yourself Improving Your Self-Image Usually made up of a number of separate self images
1.Never form a negative image of yourself after one or two bad experiences
2.Take Stock! Indentify your strengths/weaknesses
3.Work on improving in areas where you are week. Decision Making What is it? The act of making up one’s mind. The Four Corners of Decision Making 1. Write down one of the most difficult decisions you made recently.
2. What helped you make your final decision?
3. What is the best way of going about making an important decision? Your Decisions Simple Choices Critical Decisions Don’t carry serious consequences Have big consequences and require careful thought. Clarify Consider Choose What is the decision that you need to make? Think about the different alternatives you might decide to do? The best alternative and take the necessary action
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