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Mario Sonnino

Children Of The Holocoust

Jann Darren Payuran

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Mario Sonnino

MARIO SONNINO CHILDREN OF THE HOLOCAUST A YOUNG DEATH MARIO'S FAMILY ARRIVAL AT AUSCHWITZ TAKEN FROM HOME On October 23 1943 after they got off the trains they where told to clean up in the showers because of the long journey to get there. The weak, the sick, the elderly and children with their mothers where told to go and undress. They entered the room which turned out to be a gas chamber. within a few minutes they died. Mario was only 2 years old in this event Mario had 5 people in his family, his parents Settimio and Ida Sonnino and his older brother Sandro and 3 year old sister Cesira. They lived in Rome, Italy and lived a happy life until the Germans invaded. After awhile Mario and the other Jews where taken out of the freight trains as they arrived at the Polish death camp Auschwitz. Mario Sonnino Born May 31, 1941 in Rome, Italy THE OCCUPATION Mario Sonnino was only 2 years old when the Germans occupied Rome in August of 1943. he was only 2 when this event happened. Mario lived with his parents and his brother and sister. In an early Saturday morning Mario and his family were arrested by the Germans in a surprise raid. Mario, his family and over 1, 000 other Jews were captured and brought to military camps. They were put in freight trains and traveled for 5 days. children-of-the-holocaust.weebly.com/their-stories.html

www.graceproducts.com/fmnc/main.htm Mario
Sonnino http://www.youtube.com/user/amazingsoundtracks?feature=watch
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