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Unit 3 Math

Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Ratios

Jessica Berliner

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 Math

Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Ratios Fractions Decimals Percents Ratios There are many diffrent kinds of
fractions like mixed numbers and
improper fractions. There are many things that you can do with fractions like CROSS SIMPLIFING. Cross Simplifing is where you take two fractions that are divisible, you multiply them and then you take the numerator and multiply it by the denominator of the other fraction and then you multiply them. At the end of the problem it will already been simplified for you. Improper Fractions have the numerator larger than the denominator. Mixed Number has a whole number then a fraction. Some things that you can do with fractions is Add, Subtract, Muiltiply, and Divide. A Percent is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100 This is the percent sign %. This is what a
percent looks like 55%, 100%, 63%, 9%,2%. Percents can also look like this 30/100, 50/100. This is what a ratio looks like 3:4,
8:10 here is another way 6 to 9, 50 to 1000 and another 5/100, 20/80 If you have the number 20/100 that is 20% and 32/100 is 32%. . . A ratio is a comparison of two
quantities using division. Equivelent ratios are ratios that name the same comparison. You can find an equivelent ratio by multiplying or dividing both the numerator and the denominator of a ratio by the same number. If you have 1/50 the decimal is 0.2. If you have 4/5 the decimal is
0.8. If you have 3/5 the decimal is 0.6. If you have 2/5 the decimal is 0.4. Percent%
"Per"means out of
"cent" means 100. The decimal .50= 1/2. $100.25 =One hundred dollars and twenty-five cents. The decimal seperates
the cents from the dollar. The End
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