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Strings section.

Ben Tuetue

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Strings!

Facts about stringed instruments. Strings! How do stringed instruments produce sound? Continued in the next three slides, I am going to show you some clips of these instruments being played! Violin bows are made out of horse hair. In this video clip, the violin is being played by something called a bow. This bow is moved across the strings, vibrating them. It can also be plucked by the tip of the fingers, to also vibrate them. Cello! On stringed instruments such as guitar, violin, bass etc. They have a unique way of producing sound. on these instruments, they have stings that vibrate, these vibrations produce the sounds. Violin! In this video clip, the cello is also being played by a bow. The cello is close to being like a violin, except the only thing that's different is the size, and the frequency. guitar! True fact. In this video, the guitar is picked by the top of the fingers vibrating the strings. Guitars can be played in different ways such as strummed, picked, and also drum them with your thumb. As long as it vibrates, then it will make sound. The violin also plays an important part in the orchestra. That was my short presentation on some instruments in the strings family, thanks for watching! :)) Many stringed instruments don't all have the same amount strings on it. Most stringed instruments have 4-6 strings on it, and all have a tune to it. Not all these instruments are tuned the same, like the guitar comparing to a violin. Are all stringed instruments the same? The cello can also be plucked by the tip of the fingers played like a double bass. True Fact. The longer and bigger the string is, the lower the pitch.
The shorter and smaller the strings are, the higher the pitch. ENJOY!
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