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Human Resources Management

No description

Lynn McAuliffe

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Human Resources Management

Managing Human Resources
Human Resources Strategy
Steps of Strategy Planning

Step 1 --Mission, Vision, Values
Step 2 -- Environmental Analysis (External)
Step 3 --Internal Analysis (Internal)
Step 4 --Formulating Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Business Strategy
Functional Strategy
Step 5 -- Implementation
Step 6 -- Evaluation and Assessment
Forecasting Exercise
Human Resources Management
Competitive Challenges
Changes in the marketplace/economy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Cost Containment
Diversity- Leveraging Employee Differences
HR Strategy
Job Analysis
Job Design
Planning & Staffing
Orientation & Onboarding
Career Planning & Development
Performance Management/Appraisals
Employee Relations/Employee Engagement
Labour Relations
International HRM

The Case:
Because of a number of technological innovations, it is projected that your company will need 20% fewer clerical employees over the next three years.
• There are currently 122 clerical positions in the company, split among three departments of equal size (department A, B & C).
• Retirements at this level are projected to be roughly 2 percent per year.
• Annual voluntary turnover and involuntary turnover for Department A is 2 percent and 5 percent respectively, Department B is 3 percent and 3 percent and Department C is 5 percent and 0 percent.
Assume that the involuntary turnover (eg. terminations) cannot be reversed by you.
• Assuming no intervention, under these circumstances, do you project a labour shortage or surplus at the end of the next three years for clerical positions?
• Today is the first day (day 1) of the fiscal and calendar year (year 1)
• Assume that you are making the projections on January 1st for subsequent years ending December 31.
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