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Laura Sander

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Bollywood

Contents General Facts
Bollywood's History
Singing and Music
Portrayal of India
Portrayal of Women
Influence on India
Dance Lesson!
Sources Singing and Music most popular genre: 72% of music sales in India
many famous composers and singers
typical Indian music:
utilizes Western orchestration to support traditional melodies
retains classical and folk taste presentation by Caro, Jassi, Sophie and Laura Portrayal of India Portrayal of Women General Facts from Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi (2012)
called Harayana Ka Sher
music director:Vinay Jaiswal example song mainly portray rich families
families with more than 25 members ----> not typical
new movies (e.g. Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi) show different sides
still, India looks to West
movies don't portray common Indian life style Sources http://www.songspk.pk/indian/life_ki_toh_lag_gayi_2012_mp3_songs.html
http://worldfilm.about.com/od/bollywood/a/historyofbollywood.htm Bollywood's History 1896: first presented film in India, privileged for whites
1913: first Indian feature film: Raja Harishchandra
1931: first talkie: Alam Ara
The number of productions rose enormously (1927: 108/year ; 1931: 328/year)
1937: first colour film named Kisan Kanya Bollywood's History Giant movie palaces were built
even quite poor people had access to Bollywood films
The production of films decreased because of World War II
The New Wave: around 1947: the modern Indian film was born
Social-reformist films replaced historical and mythological stories
1990s: new technology allowed advanced special effects, choreography, finer scripts and performances
Today: attention is paid to character development and a dramatic tension, typical themes: romance, comedy and musical numbers Costumes They are colourful and show the social prestige
Most of the women wear saris, which are made out of cotton or silk
Clothes are high in ornamentation
Women wear a lot of jewelery (bracelets, necklace)
Men: Kurtas and Dhotis very traditional clothing part of the Indian film industry
exists since 1930s
Bollywood does not exist as a physical place
growing presence of Indian English (Hinglish)
no typical Bollywood film
famous movies "Bobby" 1973, issue of discrimination; "Sangam" 1964 , complex love triangle
separate Hindi film award Bollywood's magnitude Bollywood is the largest film producer in India
one of the largest film productions in the world
150-200 films per year
1940s to the 1960s "Golden Age" of Hindi cinema (India´s independence)
highest quotes: "Sholay" 30.100.000 € its name informal term: Bollywood, correct term: Hindi Cinema
name "Bollywood" derived from Bombay (former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood
term "Bollywood" itself has origins in the1970s, when India overtook America as the world´s largest film producer
term often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema Dancing basis of every Indian Bollywood Film
Bollywood dance is about storytelling
particular reason
Bollywood dance on the ascendency in the world markets
unique to Bollywood history styles originally just in significant consumption of Indian films
became chic
now normal part of dance schools in major cities
since 1932: erotic elements
first: dancing around trees
then exotic foreign locals
from random spastic jerks, identifiable moves began to develop large number of dance styles
styles have changed tremendously over the years
before 1960: classical and folk dance
fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop and modern dance
variations, own corpus of material
no limits to the creativity
fantastic workout its use/purpose international appeal
commercial power of sex
in the playful numbers, dancing is the main part
dances employed in the attempted seduction scene
artistic high point "item number"
cabaret scene: most significant artistic and commercial example of the Bollywood dance
dance is generally not part of romantic numbers Influence on India Criticism DANCE LESSONS WITH PROF. CARO!!! phallocentric view
woman are dependent on men
-> father, husband, son
women live only for the family
object of desire/lust
nowadays, woman can sometimes decide by on their own just remakes
discrimination against dark coloured
Western beauty ideal
protagonists are from the middle- or upper class Bollywood portrays a surreal world ---> false expectations and stereotyping
new ideals are created/promoted, e. g. western beauty, women's interdependence Storyline Hindi movies contain action, drama,emotional and love scenes but also tragedies
themes: love and/or marriage, terrorism or conflicts with Pakistan
picturelogic isn't important
normally they don't kiss
only discreet erotic
everyone knows Hindi
anything is possible in Bollywood
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