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No description

Grace Ren

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of IElTS SPEAKING

Grace Ren
Part One

leisure time weather
cooking photography
television music
shopping street market
train travel animals

Part Three-
pushing limits
Predictions: What places will people travel to in the future?
Do you think computers will be more and more important?

Comparing: Do u think boys are thriftier than girls?

listing: How do Chinese children save money?

Why do some people like to watch advertisements?
Do you think cinemas are important to your country?

Will students learn well without teachers?
Do you think sport events promote culture between countries?
Part Two-person
Describe a famous person in other country
Describe a sport star
Describe a handsome or beautiful person
Describe a singer
Describe a schoolmate
Part Two- object
Describe a foreign film
Describe a book/magazine you enjoy reading
Describe a TV program
Describe an advertisement

Describe a foreign language (except English) you want to learn
Describe something you would like to learn but have not started yet
Describe an advice from others
Part Two -experience
Describe an interesting conversation
Describe a family member

Describe a positive experience
Describe a way to keep healthy

Part Two Place
Describe a long journey you had
Describe a country you visited
Describe a place you would like it to be your home
Describe a school in your childhood

Describe a historic building
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