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Aron Ralston

No description

Izzy Skonberg

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston By: Izzy Skonberg The courage of: Aron Ralston was born on October 27, 1975. He is an American mountain climber and a public speaker. The reason he is famous is because of an incident while he was canyoneering in Utah. Here’s how it happened……………… In 2003 he was hiking when a boulder slipped and crushed his right forearm making him trapped and unable to get help. Ralston had not told anyone of his hiking plans and knew no one would be searching for him which is VERY DANGEROUS for any one to do. Thinking that he would die, he spent five days slowly sipping his small amount of remaining water while trying to get his arm out. His tries were useless as he could not get his arm out. He eventually ran out of water and began to drink his own urine. He carved his name, date of birth and predicted date of death into the sandstone canyon wall, and videotaped his last goodbyes to his family. After five days of trying to lift and break the boulder, dehydrated, and exhausted he gave up and got ready to amputate his trapped arm in order to escape. He forcibly levered his forearm against a chock stone until both the radius and ulna bones broke. He had to use a dull knife to cut through the soft tissue of his arm. Then, he used the pliers to cut through the tougher tendons. EPILOUGE
Ralston still climbs mountains. In fact he became the first person to climb all 53 of Colorado’s mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation, solo in winter a project that he started in 1998 and resumed after his amputation in Blue John Canyon. He also wrote a novel called:
Between a rock and a hard place... He was still eight miles from his truck, and he had no cell phone so he had to rappel down the cliff , then he had to hike out of the canyon in the hot midday sun. While hiking out, he found a family on a vacation which they gave him two Oreo cookies, and was provided hot chocolate. Then they alerted the authorities. He was rescued by a helicopter search team six hours later. His arm was removed from under the boulder and retrieved by the park authorities it was cremated and given back to Aron Ralston. ...which was later made into a movie called "127 hours" and is a BIG HIT! That's what happens when you don't tell people where you're going!!! THE END And that's Who knew??? CREDITS:

I would like to thank:

National Geographic
for my information on Aron Ralston. I would also like to thank
my two supervisors
Mrs. Hertzog and Mrs.Baro,
plus my diversity friends who helped me put this together. And last but not least I would like to thank Anna Legan West for being diversity teams editor and always coming to our meetings to help us.Thanks Anna.
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