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Americas Whaling History

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jordan salinas

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Americas Whaling History

By:Jordan Salinas
Beginning with the first settlers, former English fisherman that came over to America were taught by Native Americans
Whaling - The hunting of Whales primarily for meat and oil.
Can have numerous other Products ranging from its bones, teeth, horns, and Baleen (bristle like teeth for some whales).

By the turn of the 1700s Nantucket, Mass. was the first major port for american whaling
It was destroyed during the revolutionary war at a time of great expansion

Whaling oil lubricated the industrial revolution.
With the advance in newer technologies you could make longer voyages and go farther than ever before
Fun Fact:
James Fenimore Cooper - Author of famous works such as "The last of the Mohicans" (1826)
Played a hand in the whaling game and tried beginning whaling business that lasted shortly and resulted in a loss due to poor management.

War of 1812
British attacked many ships off of the coast and tried to stop american whaling
Nantucket becomes only port to still be sending vessels
After the war Whaling will enter the "golden age".
Americas Whaling History
War of 1812
British navy attack and destroy several american vessels off the american coast.
Nantucket was the only port still sending ships at this time.
After this war Whaling enters its "golden age"
Before the war we had a fleet of over 700 ships.
The Peek.
1820's New Bedford Mass. become new largest port in American and stays that way for the rest of time.
1845 Nantucket is burned by the great fire and never returns fully.
1850's best decade for whaling in one year produced 11 million dollars worth of products from whales.
Following its highest grossing achievement this would soon end due to greater competition from the world higher wages for workers and newer more efficient technologies. (Steam engine, Petroleum)
The Decline.
1840 - Herman Melville signs onto Acushnet ship. He will be at sea for the next 3 years.
Last Whaling voyage ends with "The Wanderer" being blown over in 1924
The 1800's
Famous Whaling Works
Herman Melville - Moby Dick 1851
Thomas Beal - History of the sperm whale. 1835
Captain Samuel Joy -Goodbye Mary Micheal Hard Lucky Craft 1838

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