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Collaboration Norms 3 & 4

from Adaptive Schools

Andy Henrikson

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Collaboration Norms 3 & 4

The Adaptive School
(Garmston & Wellman, 2009)

Collaboration Norms 3 & 4 3) Putting Inquiry at the Center or from Covey ...
Seek to Understand
Before Seeking to be Understood Use
Full attention
Approachable voice Use
Plural forms when paraphrasing, e.g.,
"one of your goals" instead of "your goal" Use
Exploratory Language
"What additional ideas do you have?"
Avoid "Can you ..", "Did you ..", "Will you ..", "Have you", ... By helping parties focus on Inquiry we can help 'unstick' them from their positions. If the child is not present - put his/her picture in the center of the table. 4) Probing for Specifity Vague Nouns and Pronouns
the Central Office
the teachers
the parents
the students
the community

Need more specifics ... "What's your hunch on the percentage of the ________s that are doing that?" Vague Verbs
"We want our students to be on time and prepared for class."
"on time" ??
"prepared for class" ??

Specificity here will avoid implementation problems. Comparators
"This meeting was much better than last month's session!"
"better" ?

Let's figure out why so we can repeat what we did right. Rule Words
"We have to"
"You shouldn't"
"I can't"

Probe for Specificity -- Find out what will happen if the rule is broken.
Universal Quantifiers
"Everyone knows this program doesn't work."
"All my friends are going"
"These fifth graders never understand directions the first time."

"Please help me understand more about this ... which students are having trouble with directions?" Use
Plural forms when paraphrasing, e.g.,
"one of your goals" instead of "your goal"

Then the person will not feel the need to say, "Wait, that's my only goal!"
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