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civil rights era


lauren jansma

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of civil rights era

Strategies sit ins as a non-violent way of protesting racism, people would sit in at restraunts that refused to serve african americans. this would make others not want to go in. some of these sit ins ended badly where the white people would beat them up and then the people who were the sit-iners got arrested. protesting people would protest on the streets about unfair things like segregation and the right to vote. boycotts African americans were forced to move out of their seat on the busses for white people to sit. People realized that that was unfair so they, wanting a non-violent way to gain more fairness, didnt ride the busses fo a long time. Eventually the bus people let them ride again so they didnt do their rounds with an empty buss. freedom rides civil rights activists rode busses into segregated southern U.S. to test the supreme court. some of these people got beat up by whites. the freedom rides inspired many people that we needed to do more for their rights. people Martin Luther King Jr. led protests and peaceful ways of getting equality. He supported Gandhi and his way of getting fairness. Linda brown Linda Brown wanted to go to the white school near her home. They went to court to see if she could because they thoughht it was unfair if she cant go. Their lawyer was Thurgood Marshall. Their casse was unanimously declared that seperate schools for black and white was unconstitutional. Malcom X and Black Panthers They led riots and looting and had agressive talk. Their strategy for equality was "an eye for an eye." Organizations events gfds Martin Luther KIng Shooting After King was asassinated, it made many people want to act for civil rights so that he died for a reason. Stokely Carmichael He was a black activist and the "prime minister" of the black panther party. He popularized the term "black power" KKK stands for klu klux klan. they were whites that were very against blacks being equal. They did many bad things, including lynching of black people. NAACP Stands for " National association for the Advancment of Colored People". They worked to make things more fair for themselves nonviolently. SNCC Stands for "student non-violent co-ordinating commitee. They worked for advancment of colored people without violence. They did freedom rides and sit ins and stuff. SCLC Stands for "southern christian leadership conference"; its first president; Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Little rock nine Nine high schoolers in little Rock Arkansas wanted to go to the
all white school near their homes instead of the all black school.
They were harassed alot, and some backed out, but one, Ernest Green graduated there. They inspired alot of people. White Flight Whites fled from where they were living because the minority population, the african americans, increased in certain areas. Civil rights act of 1964 Outlawed unequal voter application requirements and racial segregation.
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