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Learning and Teaching with iPads

Practical Applications Across Disciplines for 1:1 Classrooms

Laura Miller

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Learning and Teaching with iPads

? Questions Word Processing: difficult to type on for
some students, no file management system

Solutions: Bluetooth keyboards, apps that
back up documents such as Dropbox or Google Docs

Submitting/Assessing Work: no file management
system so find a system that works for you

Solutions: Dropbox/iAnnotate, Edmodo, email, print

When pen/paper, non-digital does work better

Solution: Use pen and paper! Challenges Moodle The assignment: research 21 important events during the Vietnam War and create a digital timeline. Creativity:
Timeline Project Free, easy for students to use (it looks like Facebook!) and comes with lots of powerful teaching and classroom management tools. Edmodo:
Classroom Management Assessment: Dropbox and iAnnotate Best Apps What are pros and cons of going 1:1 with iPads? How do students access our class materials? How can iPads help both students and teachers? How do we assess student work with iPads? Can iPads aid project based creativity? Best apps? For Presenting For Creating For Classroom Management/Assessment Prezi Slideshark Google Edmodo iAnnotate Wunderlist iMovie HaikuDeck Student Notebooks Creating and Sharing Content Great For: InDesign Prezi Keynote Powerpoint Tiki-Toki Timetoast HaikuDeck Google Presentation Animoto calendar, readings, handouts etc. discussions quizzes polls writing forums assessment Educreations Show Me
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