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Teaching children about the environment

Rukshar Lalani

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Environment

They do several things for example:
Why are Trees Important to Us?
Whether you live in a country or city, trees provide shade in the summer to animals and humans. They also protect animals from weathers and from their predators.
Provides Shade and Protect Animals
They provide a habitat for small animals like birds, squirrels and many more.
Gives Home to Animals
Trees provide many kinds of food to both animals and humans. For example nut (walnuts) and fruits (apples and peaches)
Makes Food for Animals and Humans
The biggest reason we need trees has nothing to do with shelter or food -it has to do with breathing. Let me show you how trees helps us in the biggest way.
Gives Us Oxygen to Breath
Animals are often forced out their house when people build on their land. Therefor animals have to migrate (means move to another habitat) or they will die.
Extinct Animals vs Endangered Animals
Dictionary Definition: The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.
What is a Environment ?
Do you know??
There are about 7 types of different environments.
Do you know any??
Deserts are called deserts by how much rain they get. Most deserts, like the Sonoran in North America, are hot. They receive less than 25cm of rain each year.
Tropical rainforests have the greatest number of animal and plant species of any environment on Earth. Tropical rainforests are warm and wet. They get at least 200cm of rain each year. The forests support so much life, because they are always wet and receive the same amount of sunlight almost every day. The conditions help many species of plants and animals grow and survive.
Tropical Rainforest
Extinct means when a plant or animal have no more of it's own kind in the world. They are all gone.
What Does Extinct Mean?
Here Are Some Examples:
The American Cheetah
Golden Toad
Endangered animals means they are at a risk of being extinct. There isn't many left in the world, only a little.
What Does Endangered Mean?
Here are some example:
Bighorn sheep can be found in California, Nevada, Utah, and North Dakota. Bighorn sheep prefer to live on wooded mountain slopes or cliffs. There are an estimated 10,500 bighorn sheep left in the wild in California. They are dying slowly because people are hurting them.
The Bighorn sheep
Gray Wolf
What We Can Do?
You may ask yourself what can I do? Well a lot of things like, by recycling, planting trees, flowers, refuse to buy products that contain animal ingredients such as fur, ivory, and tortoiseshell, and refuse to buy products that have been tested on animals. Most clothes labeled as “dry clean only” can be washed with water, because most cleaners use a chemical which can pollute the air in your home.
Our environment is getting worse day by day, it’s getting harder and harder for us to stay healthy with all the bad things we are around every day. We are cutting down too many trees and that effect humans and animals greatly. It effects humans by reducing our oxygen that is produced in the air and increasing the carbon dioxide. It effect animals because we are destroying their habitat and they are being forced to move out of their habitat, and because they can't find food they are dying.
Our Environment Today?
The Asian Elephant is the top 10 endangered animal in the world.
Rabbs Fringe-Limed Tree frogs is also in the top 10 of endangered animals.
Pyrenean Ibex, have been extinct since 2000, 12 years ago.
Caribbean Monk Seal, has been extinct since 1952, 60 years ago.
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The polar environment is extreme cold weather,but they still have plant and animals. For example, in the northern part of the earth there is a polar environment called Arctic, which meaning “bear.” Polar bears are the bears of the Arctic. Another example is in the southern part of the earth there is a polar environment called the Antarctica, which means "no bears." because only polar penguins live in Antarctica.
Arctic >
Oceans are the large body of continuous salt water that cover over 70% of Earth's surface. Earth has five oceans . Can you name them? There are also so many seas too. Do you know any of them? Both, the smallest and largest animals on Earth. For example dolphins and starfish.
Grasslands is a environments where grasses is everywhere. Less than 10% of the land is covered with trees. Grasslands are found on everywhere, but not in Antarctica. In Africa there is a grassland called the savanna. Grassland has many animals that live there like horses, elephants, zebras, buffalo, hawks, and snakes.
The oceans are:
*Southern oceans
Some of the seas are:
*Adriatic Sea
* Aegean Sea
* Arabian Sea
* Black Sea
* Caspian Sea
* Indian Ocean
* Mediterranean Sea
* Persian Gulf
* Red Sea
By: Rukshar Lalani
A Environment is everything around you. A place where a person, plant or animal lives and works in.
Did you know????
The South and North Poles
are also deserts but very cold.
Wetlands are environments where the land and the water meet and mix. One type of wetland is swamps. Each wetland type is named by the plant that live in it. The world’s major wetland swamps are located in Africa, North America, South America, and Asia.
Grasslands are environments where grasses are
Grassland wildlife animals
Less than 10% of the land is covered
with trees.
In Africa there is a grassland (with trees)
called The Savanna.
includes horses, elephants, zebras, hawks, and snakes.
Urban environments may look different from other environments,that is because the environment is filled with houses and tall buildings. Urban environments have animals, plants, and resources just as other environments do. Can you you guess what kind of environment we live in??
We live in the
There are several reasons why tress are important. Do you any??
They give animals home to live in. Have you ever seen small animal's home in a tree??
Do you know how this works??
Extinct means when a plant or animal are all gone. There is of its kind left in the world.
No More
North America is one of the fastest land animals on the planet, able to reach speeds of 100 km per hour There isn't much information about them because they were extinct 10,00 yeras ago (7988BC)
The Golden Toad was discovered in 1964, above the city of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Do you know where that is?? They called it the Golden Toad because it had a brilliant orange color. Then on May 15, 1989, the last sighting of only one Golden Toad occurred. Since 1989, not a single Golden Toad has been seen anywhere in the world, and it marked as extinct species. The population of golden toads went down, but no one why.
They named it the bighorn sheep because it has big and long horns. They are can climb high mountains, steep mountains and rocky mountain. Between 1801 - 1900, there were between 1.5 million to two million bighorn sheep in North America. Today, there are less than 70,000.
The gray wolf is an excellent hunter. They seek animals, like moose or deer, and hunt them down using their scent. They are endangered because people are hunting them for there fur. There are an estimated 7000 to 9000 wolves in Alaska and more than 3500 in the lower 48 states
Our environment is getting worse day by day, and we are suffering for it. It’s getting harder and harder for our families to stay healthy with all the bad things we are around every day,like pollution. We are affected by our environment, and more people are getting sicker and sicker. This could affect our future one day.
We can do a lot of things to help the environment. By doing these small jobs you are making a
We are going to watch a video on pollution and another video on how to reduced pollution. There will be a small quiz at the end of video.
Activity Time!!!!!!! :)
BY: Rukshar lalani
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