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its all about me

No description

marlicia palmer

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of its all about me

its all about its all about these are my favorite artists they inspire me to live life to the fullest i am
when i
basketball hang with
the friends and
family for fun:) on thing
that makes
me feel
important yeah them virgos my grandmother
reminds me of fun born
27 my
grandmother my beautiful mom my world!!!! romance it reminds me of how life is suppose to be like
silly i remind myself of flowers. Scented on the outside but poisonous on the inside. me when i was younger its just all about me born
august 27 when i get
older i want
to be a
lawyer on top of that
i would like to
be a poet
so i can give
others advice
and express
myself even though she
can be irritating
and annoying i still
love her cause she is
my life and heart i love Jesus
he died for our
sins and he knows
how to make me smile
and get through
a rough day. I'm thankful for
him for putting me on this earth
to let me live my life through
thick and thin i love this girl
this is my
Jayda Speedy Pearson
my ride to die chick
no one can split us up i hope you
enjoyed and
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