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Digital Literacy

No description

Nandana Mahtani

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Digital Literacy

Always make sure your location services are off and privacy settings are on. Otherwise, anyone can trace exactly where you are and any random person can see all your posts, photos, etc. It is not advisable to post pictures of you in school uniform as well, as anyone can find your school. This is a danger because you could be stalked, kidnapped, cyber-bullied or even worse.
Digital Footprint
When you clear the history on your computer to hide what you've been looking at from your parents, think it's all done? You couldn't be more wrong.
Every web page you visit, every ad you click on, you leave a permanent trail, that your computer and that network keep track of. This is called a digital footprint. Your searches are being kept track of - you are being watched.
Think before you click!!
Illegal Websites
Internet Safety
Handy tips to keep safe online:
Never enable location services on social network sites
Don't ever accept friend requests from people you don't know
Think before you post
Make sure your social network accounts are private
Never tell anyone you meet online your address, school, or other such personal information
Don't post things that could be hurtful to other people.
People cyber-bully (bullying people through use of the internet) because they are either afraid of bullying you face-to-face or because they think it doesn't count as they are not saying things to the person's face.
On the contrary, cyber-bullying is bullying and possibly the worst form. If you are cyber-bullied, then tell someone! It is against the law.
What Is Digital Literacy?
Digital literacy is becoming skilled in using electronic devices, such as tablets, phones, laptops, etc.. It is becoming comfortable with using the internet, and other such resources.
Digital Literacy
Social Network Sites
Ever downloaded music, movies or games for free? You may be using illegal websites, or taking someone else's property.
The following are the social network sites most commonly used by teenagers:
If you get a message like this:
U r such a LOSER
no wonder u have
no friends
Do not believe them. You should report this, or any message that makes you unhappy
Video on Cyber-Bullying
Video on Digital Literacy
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