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No description

Garrett Ebersole

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Autism

1 out of every 68 kids in the USA have an autism disorder.
It has inceased and no work on finding a cure.
Autism cost a family 60k per year. Autsim pervents growing
Autistic Kids can talk, play, and learn,from this incredible robot
M-02:Spreading through the world
These robots are currently in use in Conneticut. They plan to have them for sale soon.
Jobs and Careers
The reason why I picked this was because of the good of what this robot is doing for people with Autism. It has improved many peoples learning and change their life for the better.
In the future..
I think that they will try to make a lifesize robot that could teach Kindergarten to 12th grade. Also have the cabablity to read textbooks.
This robot could open a lot of jobs and careers in the factories working or making instructional videos. This Humanoid can change alot of disabled kids to having more intelligence for their life.
Robots feature:
This robot has 6 sequences of joints.Which can bend 180 degrees.(21 flexible joints) This robot can talk, walk, and basicly act like a human being. It is program to have the smarts of a Kindergarten to 5th grade teacher. It has hearing and sight sensors to properly see, hear,and communicate properly. It works on a chip that is sort of like a brain that controls everthing.
M-02 The Humanoid Robot for Autism
M-02 is the help kids need
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