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I'm the Hero

No description

Ryan Leonard

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of I'm the Hero

Steve Jobs Speech
" If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right."

This quote is significant because Steve used it to give him a heads up opinion on what he was about to do that day, and if he could look back and smile, or frown. I think this quote relates to the alchemist because it sounds like the quote about living each day in the present to be happier. This quote matters to me because it makes me think about choices I make on a daily basis and if I'm going to be smiling or frowning in the future at them.
A Dream Deferred
The message that I got from the poem is what happens to a dream that is postponed? Do you let it disappear or do you let it exploded in reality? My thoughts on this poem is that it's a deep but not internally conflicting to the point you go crazy. My opinion about the poem is I thought it was a great one to be so short.
My (Right Now) Personal Legend
What does the words "good, successful, or fulfilled life" mean to you?
The words "good, successful, or fulfilled life" to me can have different meanings depending on the way it's asked and who I'm discussing this question with, but what I would mostly say that it means to have a good paying job, but something you enjoy doing, raising a respectful, honoring, thankful, etc. family, to have a decent house, but one that makes you work for it. Another big meaning that these two words mean to me is to have a happy and loving life. You don't have to always have the nicest of everything as long as you have someone that truly cares about you, like the old saying goes " Money can't buy true love".
Roles I play in life.
Some of the roles that I play in my life are a friend, or best friend to few, an older brother, a son/grandson, and a Early College student.
A son/grandson and older brother to me are the most important, they compare in importance because that's something that will never change, and is a big part of my life. I've never had a father so for me to be the oldest male in the house, besides my grandpa (laughing out loud), I've had two little brothers looking up to me basically all their life. This isn't a bad thing, I think it keeps the family tight together. These two roles differ by the way I would act around them. For a son and brother I can cut up and be silly, make jokes, and be a teenager with my mom and brothers, but I wouldn't make the same joke with my grandparents as I did with my mom. A friend and Early College student are important, but in comparison because they will not always be there, I will gain and lose friends constantly and will eventually graduate and go to a university. They differ because as a friend you're not going to have the same actions as you do as a student. Just saying foul language, you may use it with friends but not as likely to as a student in school.
This I believe Essay
The essay that I chose was about a 18-30 year old women, named Tara, who suffers from anxiety. Tara had her first anxiety attack in September, and a severe one a week before Thanksgiving. Tara didn't realize what was going on and went to the doctors; which at first didn't believe it was anxiety, but later on she was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Now Tara is on medication and taking precautions to be less stressed/anxious.
I'm the Hero
I can relate to this essay because I
myself suffer from anxiety. I was diagnosed with GAD in the 7th grade, along with Persistent Depressive Disorder. This essay really connected to me because my first anxiety attack was around 4 days before my birthday on September 26th, so for her to tell that in the essay she also had one in September really made me want to choose her essay to write about in my prezi.
I believe that my personal legend right now is a positive one in a far journey ahead. I say this because even with my anxiety and depression I have a confident mind when coming to my present and future goals. Some long term goals that I have is to complete the Early College with a high GPA, and to go a 4 year university and get my bachelors/masters in biology and become a doctor. A few examples of my short term goals is to get straight A's this year, pass my driving test that's coming up. These goals are just some that I have and want to successfully complete the best way that I can, and I'm sure to create more goals as the journey within my personal legend is taking place. A last goal that has recently came up is to find a new set of friends. Yes I know that sounds harsh, but the reason being that with having such a high goal range the friends just using me for help on school work are going to be a big obstacle in completing my goals.
My Map Journey
graduate early
college with a good GPA.
go to UNC and graduate with bachelors/masters, and
a good GPA>
become a doctor.
strive to take after my grandparents in having a
dream home.
purchase my favorite
vehicle! 2015 Cadillac Escalade
retire and enjoy what
I have worked for, and be glad for what I have recieved. Look back and be glad I made these decisons.

“At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

I chose this quote because it relates to my life, and was one that really caught my eye. This quote is about how you have control over your life, and the decisions you make. This is a big one for me because here in the past few months I've had to make some pretty big life changing choices, but for the better.
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