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Why Students Should Have Less Homework

Speech Project

Tommy Kuan

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Students Should Have Less Homework

To a world with less homework. Lets Start By Closing your eyes ... First off.. With less homework..
Would you have less stress? More time to do extracurricular activities? Lets talk about why having less homework is good. Extracurricular activities we have... Benefits for having less homework Next... Imagine a world with less homework.. Is it great? Yes. No. Or The answer should be... Now then... Stress First thing is.... Students spend to much time on homework per night. I have here 2 charts for you to see the amount of time students spend on homework Next .. Students do not spend enough time outside then inside I have a chart to show you the amount of time students spend outside. Take a look. That's right.. Just 39 % of students spend about 1 hour or less during the weekday and about 23.2% of students spend about 1 hour or less during the weekend. Students need to spend more time working on extracurricular activities instead of spending time doing their homework. Lets take a look at the previous chart. About 42.4% of students spend more than 3 hours per night on homework. If students spend less time on homework and more time on extracurricular activities, They will have a better chance to get into college. It states on www.petersons.com that colleges do not just just look at your grades, but dedication, leadership, balance, true involvement, and specialization. Now that you know extracurricular activities are good for you... More family time Less stress Less bad habits More exercising What if you all of this? What a great view.. We are going to take a journey... Now Open your eyes.. This is just a dream... A great dream... and remember dreams do come true. Imagine having less stress in your world. Imagine a world with more time to do extracurricular activities Now imagine this world..
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