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Architecture of security

No description

emey Hamdy

on 3 January 2016

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Transcript of Architecture of security

Architecture for
Security propose

Fire Stations
Police Stations
Jails & Prisons
This Type of buildings has a different atmosphere. It is 24\7 open ,highly prepared for any caution according to its service type to the society .
users of these kind of building either stressed or aggressive should be considered as well .
The society safety is no. one In there for
designing there places well satisfy its security
The two primary drivers for facility layout and functional space adjacencies in a fire station are the following:
1.Ensure that internal response times can be met (time for a firefighter to reach the apparatus and be ready to depart).
2.Separate the diverse and sometimes conflicting functions such as industrial maintenance spaces and residential spaces.
A) Site Requirement Special Location

Administrative areas include standard offices and conference and training rooms. The area will also likely include additional specialized spaces such as the chief's office with sleeping and shower facilities and computer training/testing facilities for firefighter continuing education. Some stations may include a highly specialized dispatch room for receiving emergency calls from the public.
Administrative and Training Areas
Residential Areas
The day room accommodates kitchen, dining, and living/recreation functions. It is often separated into subspaces for those three functions, but an open design may also be effective to encourage interaction between the spaces. The dining space may also double as training or meeting space and might include provisions for audiovisual equipment.
Dorm room design can vary widely from station to station and department to department. Each firefighter is provided with a place to sleep, work, and store personal items. Careful consideration should be given to the location and design of the area to ensure response times can be met. See Emerging Issues below for more information on dorm rooms.
Other residential areas include a laundry room, a physical fitness room, bathrooms and showers, and possible additional recreation spaces such as an outdoor patio and game room.
(A) One-Way Straddle of the Apparatus Area
(B) Two-Way, U Wraparound of Apparatus Area
(C) Two-Way Straddle of the Apparatus Area
(D) L Wraparound of the Apparatus Area
B) General Design Requirement
1-Horizontal plan
2-Construction Building code
-detective division
-Show up rooms
-interview room
-examining room
-separation between male&
-cell furniture
_Chair & table
_toilet & washbowl
Eman Hamdy
Dalla Zaitony
Muhammed Srahan
Ahmed Abd el Aal

Dr. Wael Seddik
Numerous factors must be considered in the selection of a site. Initially, the geographical area for the new facility is determined by the source of the majority of inmates to be served, although many other factors are important. Within a geographical area the factors to be considered in site selection are as follows .
Correction Program

Program functions include all areas of activity which involve the professional treatment of inmates to influence change in attitudes and behavior. Some basic program functions in a correctional institution are :
-Counseling Casework
-Clinical services
-Vocational training
-Work-release or study-release
Internal security affecting on prisoner's cell & services
Inmate Services
Site Selection
Cells Design according to different security levels
Inmate housing unit
Dining hall
Prison services
Work areas
Rehabilitation facilities
Guard facility
Reception & discharge
Medical services
food services
central dinning
localized dining
cell dinning
staff dinning
History & Theories course
Melbourne north
Police station
FBI building
in Washington DC
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