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NextWave360 Demo - Click the "play" button to begin...

See a few of the features and learn why NW360 gives you the "big picture" of business performance that you won't get with any other system.

Kevin Smith

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of NextWave360 Demo - Click the "play" button to begin...

In tough economic times,
a business has a few choices... And that's why we created NextWave360 At NextWave Performance,
we know that the way to success is through relentless focus
on those things that are most important to your business but there's a problem... Many executives fall into the trap of "megaphone management" -
paying the most attention to whoever (or whatever) is yelling the loudest
at that moment It's pretty hard to maintain that laser focus when
you have whiplash from jumping from issue to issue So, we're on a mission a mission to improve business performance a mission to save jobs a mission to make management teams more effective a mission to fundementally change the way businesses are operated to change the way businesses operate A mission to show you the "big picture"
of how your business is performing By seeing the big picture
- goals, metrics, processes, and projects -
you can ensure that every task, every dollar spent,
is focused on achieving your mission THE BIG PICTURE With NextWave360, goals are no longer contained only within emails sent & forgotten,
instead - they're stored for easy reference and linked to metrics & projects It's easy to add a performance goal:
Click "add", give it a title & a due date,
then update the status as necessary Once you add a performance goal, metrics & projects can immediately be linked to it * it's kind of hard to do that with the traditional
"one page plan" on MS Word or email... Metrics are key to NextWave360.
Metrics that mean something. Metrics that are linked to the goals they measure. Metrics that are linked to the projects that improve them. What's the point of having metrics if they are so complex you need a "six sigma blackbelt" to understand them?

NextWave360 was designed to be used by real people who need information that can help them manage performance. After you visualize your metrics, you'll want to see the issues associated with the metric and all of the
projects that will be benefiting this metric over time... You don't see a project associated with the metric? WHAT? Why aren't any of your projects focused on improving this key measurement of your business? That's the kind of insight you gain through NextWave360 Our project system is a bit different... We focus more on communicating the status of the project
than on trying to (falsely) give the impression that anyone knows exactly
when the project will complete based on timesheets, status reports, or similar info Of course, we have scope, status, accomplishments, and upcoming events... and dates, budgets, tasks, and issues... but we like to think of this as "project reporting" more than "project management."

We emphasize the communication of status to the management team over super-intricate functions that most people will never use. You can attach any document you'd like (such as an MS Project file) for storage - it's also a Want to know who's doing what?

You can see quite a bit of information about the projects, tasks, processes, metrics, & goals a resource is working at any point in time... and then there are processes... A revolutionary way to analyze processes, NextWave360 allows you to link process "disconnects" to the projects designed to fix them Of course, the projects are in turn linked to metrics & goals see why we call it "360"?
It's the complete integration of goals, metrics, projects, & processes NextWave360 takes you beyond using MS Visio to create pretty flowcharts that hang on a wall Unused Ignored Wasted Gathering dust It's a database of your processes, process steps, documention, disconnects, and more It tells you which processes have the most "pain" It tells you which steps have the highest failure rate It tells you which disconnects aren't being fixed It tells you where to focus your improvement efforts and THAT can save you lots of time and consulting dollars It lets you specify what's most important process by process and see just how well or poorly the process is performing Our flowcharts show more that just boxes & text.

Our proprietary S/D/F Charts show the flow of the process, the failure rate, the duration, and the number of disconnects in a single chart In fact - using the NextWave360 SDF charts,
you can see where the process is broken even if you can't read the text... Tall box = high failure rate
Wide box = long duration
Colors = # of disconnects there's also an "Auto-Mode" that maps out your processes for you Kiss the days of sitting in a conference room documenting processes Good-bye! make your business more efficient more effective and more agile get_info@nextwaveperformance.com
+1 303.731.2118 NextWave360 is completely web-based... No servers to buy No long-term contracts No lengthy implementation time It's all in "the cloud" and pay as you go Starting at about $50/user/month (even less for larger numbers of users) this presentation is sized for a 16:9 display Document Repository Far more than your average "resource allocation" system shows you It can continue doing things the same old way
and hope for the best... It can try to cost-cut its way to success... it can make sure that every project,
every dollar spent,
every bit of effort put forth
is focused on its overall mission We designed NextWave360 to help companies achieve that mission Goals Metrics Processes and Projects NextWave360 links to make sure you can see the big picture... and we can have it up and running for you in less than 24 hours. No set-up fees No "pre-installation consulting" No games (in short, fans of the traditional "integration experience" might be a bit... disappointed...) Ready to get started? Overview & Tour Click the arrows below to move forward and backward through the tour. You can also view in full-screen using the icon in the far right corner. OR How integrated is it? It's pretty integrated! And it can reduce your operating costs SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your costs! (no lay-offs necessary, thank you very much!) (See how NextWave360 work in the real world here: http://www.nextwaveperformance.com/how-it-works) Our revolutionary "Metric Visualizer" shows how metrics move over time.
Want to see how the "Installation Time" distance from the target changes as you add staff?
BAM - it's in there... Here's something we think you WILL use - our interactive "Project Timeline" It shows you percent complete, budget remaining, & the number of issues along with the project status on an interactve timeline Let's see it in action... see it in action
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