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Final Project Prezi Presentation

Presentation for AMM 101

Rebecca Chavez

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Final Project Prezi Presentation

Fashion Merchandising Working Conditions Duties and Responsibilities Opportunity for Advancement Career Map By: Rebecca Chavez Finances Creativity Education Qualifications Employment Analyze and study target market
Creating and managing sales by meeting customers needs and wants
Fashion conscious and aware of fashion trends Bachelor's degree in business management
Degree in Fashion Management or Fashion Merchandising Excellent Math skills
Communication skills
Trend Forecasting
Great Problem Solving skills Meetings with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors
Trade Shows
Fashion shows
Irregular hours
Office based environment Internships
Get a Mentor
Networking Computer Skills
Excel Spread sheets
Power point Traveling
Exploring Different Countries Working irregular hours
Constantly away from family Negatives Positives Working for a retailer, Boutique, Company,
Salary ranges from $40,384-$124,728 annually
More employment opportunities in large cities, New York City, Los Angeles Macy's, JcPenny's, Kohl's, Nordstroms, Target, Sears, Bloomingdales, H&M, J Crew Advancement opportunities are available with a higher education such as a Master's Degree
Next advancement is Fashion Merchandising Manager ($120,000) Work Cited "Fashion Merchandising Careers | Salary | Information :TheArtCareerProject.com." TheArtCareerProjectcom RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 May 2013.
http://www.theartcareerproject.com/fashion-merchandising-where-fashion-meets-business/248/ "Fashion Merchandising Careers." College Degree Programs Online Schools Career Profiles MyFootpathcom Fashion Merchandising Careers Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 May 2013.
http://myfootpath.com/careers/art-and-design-careers/fashion-merchandising-careers/ "Career Descriptions." Career Descriptions. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 May 2013.
http://www.careerdescriptions.org/fashion-merchandising-career-description.html http://insleebydesign.tumblr.com/post/4391059651 Gallery Textile Buyer Education Employment Qualifications Fashion Director Duties and Responsibilities Opportunity for Advancement Duties and Responsibilities Opportunity for Advancement Lots of traveling
Actively attend fashion shows, trade shows, and photo-shoots
Read a great amount of fashion publications
Need to be very knowledgeable in every position, so they can effectively communicate with the correct terminology
Lots of experience in the industry is necessary
Extensive knowledge of fashion history, trends, textiles etc

Education Merchandising Planning Fashion Sales Representative Fashion Careers By: Rebecca Chavez AMM 101
Professor Koffajuah
Toeque- Slyusar Duties and Responsibilities Opportunities for Advancement Buyers will interact with a variety of different people
will meet with fashion forecasters to trade information about the latest trends, colors, patterns and fabrics
Textile Buyers will attend textile shows, fashion shows, show rooms.
work normal office hours from Monday through Friday Excellent Negotiating Skills to get the best price available
Extensive knowledge in textiles: fibers, natural, synthetic
Foreign language skill because many of the vendors are outsourced- need to be able to understand
Be familiar with the current fashion trends Textile Show in Los Angeles Are involved in the promotion and sales of a particular brand
Representative needs to advertise and promote their fashion collection to retail companies or fashion boutiques
Main goal is to maximize their company's client base Working Conditions Purchase different types of fabric for their clothing or furnishing company
Needs to be very knowledgeable in the filed of different fibers, yarn types, color applications, dying, printing and finishes
Their extensive knowledge in fibers and textiles will bring the best possible price and quality fabrics to the customer Duties and Responsibilities Opportunity for Advancement Education Representatives deal with many clients
Attend trend shows
They will work alongside merchandisers and fashion buyers to negotiate the products they are trying to sell
Some traveling is involved Work Conditions Must have excellent communication skills as well as great customer service
Experience in Sales is necessary Qualifications Employment Education Employment Qualifications Working Conditions Employers are seeking those with a bachelor's degree in Sales or in fashion merchandising Salary ranges between 64,000 and over 100,000
Representatives can work labels, brands and companies
Nike, Puma, Mudd, Roxy The next step after the fashion sales representative title is advancing to sales manager, regional manager and eventually reaching VP in sales. When the top position is reached the VP in sales can earn between $80,000 to $100,000. Working Conditions Focuses on strategizing a financial plan to increase the profit in their company
They plan sales and inventory to help insure the company's profitability while trying to avoid mark-downs or clearance products Strong math, planning, strategizing, and communication skills
The apparel market and sales are constantly changing and are never stable, therefore merchandise planners need to prepare and strategies a plan to accommodate the change of inventory Planners will work closely with marketing, inventory management, creative and finance team to insure goals are met A college education is encouraged
Experience in buyer positions is crucial
Merchandise planners' salary is about $74,000
Many opportunities in retail employers
Kohl's, JCpenny, Cotton ON As they gain more experience there then is opportunities for advancement. Merchandise planners can advance to senior merchandise planner and eventually become a merchandise manager. Those that obtained a bachelor’s degree have a higher advantage. They apply their creative vision within the tone, mood, and overall feel of the company, store or brand
They are involved with the photo-shoots, look-books and the designs
Main task is to oversee the designs and concepts of the company Qualifications Employment A minimum requirement of a Bachelor's degree in fashion Design or Merchandising
Salary ranges from $81,000-$100,000 depending on the city Directors can work for a company, brand, retail or a magazine Fashion Directors can eventually advance to editor-in-chief through many years of experience and knowledge The next step after a textile buyer is managing and directing the overall look and theme for their company. As the director or manager they will keep the team on track and make sure they achieve the theme they are going for. Some of their duties will involve approving the purchases of the textile buyers. Bachelor's Degree of Art in Design- emphasis in Textiles
These buyers can work at a textile mill, retail company, or designer
Opportunities to do freelance work
Zara, Limited, Banana Republic
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