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television over the years

brianne lee

on 9 January 2011

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Transcript of Televison

TELEVISION OVER THE YEARS This is one of the first black and
white television sets invented. My opinion
is I would rather not have one. 1862 The first public sightings of a
televisoin set was at a local fair. It
must of looked weired (new technology). 1900 Vladimar made the first ever
coloured tv set in the world.
with out him there would
not be coloured tv's. 1940 Inventers improved the television set to
move 5 frames per second (vidio movement)
if they did not improve television sets there
would not be tv shows. 1927 Coloured tv released for the first time !!!!! But back then mostly only wealthy people. owned them. 1967 Televisions where a big hit so they
created big screen tv (movie theatre)
so we can get together with friends and family and enjoy a nice movie 1973 HD tv they converted
every thing to digital some
people think it was a bad idea
because it effected many
people who could not aford
HD converters 2009 In 2010-2011 they came out with
tree dementinal television sets !!!!
But they are very exspensive and
cost thousands of dollars. 2010-2011 The End !!!!! Over the years television changed
from different stages so humans
can enjoy. By:Brianne lee And last but not least
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