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EDGR 626 - Nightingales

Leadership study

Eileen Pretorius

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of EDGR 626 - Nightingales

Nightingales: The extraordinary upbringing and curious life of Miss Florence Nightingale.
By: Gillian Gill
Compiled by: Brandy Allen & Eileen Pretorius
EDGR 626 - Organizational Change
Concordia University Oregon
Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale was born into wealth and in the Victorian role of a society woman.'
At age 17 she perceived a divine calling from God which caused her to move into action.
At age 24 she defied her parents to pursue a life of her own studying in Germany.
She had large scale dreams of becoming a nurse.
In this time nursing was considered a disreputable occupation performed by women who were alcoholics and prostitutes
To achieve her dream she had her work cut out for her.
Nightingale - A Legacy of Inspiration
Nightingales passion, dedication and persistence reminds us that the effort we put in to promote positive change is fueled by the same passion, dedication and persistence.
Her example teaches us to set personal goals for ourselves and to put in every effort in achieving those goals.
Most organization follow in Nightingales footsteps as she never wavered in her cause, even when different people within the organizations have different opinions the goal remains the same.
Nightingale succeeded in initiating change on such a grand scale being a mere nurse - this once again proves that one's success as a leader does not depend on your position or status within an organization.
Florence Nightingale - Framed
Nightingale portrayed a combination of the structural, human resource, political and symbolic frames. The primary frame from which she functioned was the structural frame.
In the long run her structural frame, which caused her to have clear goals, focus on the mission and have well defined roles, led her to initiate and reform the health care systems in England.
This structural frame sprouted from her purely symbolic approach to change as well as her concern for human resources. The overlapping frames was what led her to be respected for her caring spirit as well as brilliance in tackling problems.
Fundamental and Lasting Change
We must recognize the issues in society today and imitate Nightingales approach to initiating change and taking leadership in changing policies and procedures. According to Bolman & Deal rejection is probable and the implementation of policy is generally unpredictable and change does not happen overnight.
To ensure fundamental and lasting change we can follow Nightingale's example in being incremental in attempting and implementing new policies and positioning oneself in a position of authority. When those in authority stand in the way of positive change, seek an alternative path.
In Practice
The primary identifiable condition that distinguishes successful change from unsuccessful change is leadership.
Three fundamental elements in ensuring continual successful change is:
Dedication and
A drive to succeed
If these fundamental elements are absent, you will not succeed in accomplishing one's goals.
Quotes to Inspire
"God spoke to me...and called me to His service." - Florence Nightingale
"Words ought all to be distilled into actions and into actions which bring results" - Florence Nightingale
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Right from Wrong
Her ability to make decisions and stick to them
She paid no attention to societal stereotypes
Capability of following her heart.
Believe in the work your doing.
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