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Customer Journey - Joe (MA, Researcher)

No description

Kenneth Wong

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Customer Journey - Joe (MA, Researcher)


Joe, age 35
Segment: Mass Affluent
Persona: Researcher
Position: Senior Manager, multinational company
Personal: Married, 2 kids
Residence: Executive Condominium at Punggol
Scenario: Spends time researching offline and online before making decisions

1. Notices display of Bose home entertainment system at channel partner’s store
2. Inquires about product with staff at channel partner store who shares a good level of product knowledge, as staff has been trained by Atlas Ambassador.
3. Staff hands over an article, ‘How sound works at home’ by Atlas
4. Joe intends to upgrade his existing home entertainment system, recalls and picks up the article from channel partner store
5. Visits several websites and forums to read up on reviews and shortlisted few brands
6. Visits Atlas website and browses through Atlas look book and videos which provides him with unexpected inspiration on other products that he could purchase.
7. Checks out e-store for prices and receives an invitation to test products at Atlas store
8. Decides to visit Atlas store and an advocate welcomes Joe to the store and asks key questions per the new Atlas sales guide (e.g., “What are you looking for? What is the size of your space? How would you use the products?”)
9. Shares with advocate his research and the products he has shortlisted on online look book and tests products.
10. Notices lifestyle layout allows him to browse and provides him an understanding of how it might complement his current layout at home.
11. Discovers the QC headphones that would complement his business travels and the SoundLink that he could have at his son’s bedroom.
12. Joe takes note of these additional products that he would consider and decides to do more research
13. Advocate takes down his details and hands the product brochures on the specific products that he indicated interest for.
14. Continues to visit other stores, read online reviews and compares prices, warranty, etc.
15. Advocate
contacts Joe 3 days later
as a follow-up and addresses his concerns arising from research.
16. Advocate sends him expert articles via email that addresses his concerns after the call.
18. Advocate addresses all their needs and affirms them on how different products would complement their lifestyles.
17. Joe decides to visit Atlas store to test the products again with his wife and kid.
19. Advocate arranges purchase and explains to Joe details such as installation, warranty, etc.
22. Receives thank-you note from Advocate and a link to Atlas playlist.
23. Advocate
follows-up within 1 week
after installation to check on how Joe & his family are enjoying their new purchases.
24. Joe receives event invitations and tips on how to maximize the use of his products.
25. Joe is able to bring his partner or a friend to events
26. Through the communications, he also learns about a new product launch party where he could invite his friends to join.
Marketing / Digital Marketing Omni-Channel Initiatives & Prototypes
(1) Quarterly Atlas Club Workshop + Bring a friend incentives
(2) Atlas Club rewards programme - Points are earned for (1) purchase, (2) referrals, (3) Submit reviews, (4) Attend events, (5) Contribute to self-help forum, etc
(2) Expert articles with links to Estore
(3) Thank you note / reward (hotel stay / estore voucher) / Atlas club points to existing customer who recommended a friend.
(4) Display 'experts' reviews' + 'Actual Users' reviews' next to product in-store & estore
(5) If didn't purchase anything during store visit, sales advocate will give customer a 'Remember us' voucher to purchase item online
(6) Test receptivity & 'call to action' of Western vs Eastern environmental shots
(7) Give incentives to post review or post on social media
(8) Customer Area + engagement techniques to entertain/engage/win-over wives & children in-store
(9) Promo for 'buddy' or 'threesome' deal - Encourage bulk purcchase
(11) Lookbook to give lifestyle inspiration
(12) EDM for lead nurturing (4-1-1)
Retail Omni-Channel Initiatives & Prototypes
(1) Sales System - Follow-up calls
(2) Customer engagement - More lifestyle-based style to build rapport & enable cross-selling or upselling

CARE Omni-Channel Initiatives & Prototypes
(1) Sales kit (iPad / brochures) + Estore voucher on-hand during on-site visit & repair
(2) Sales system to track customers' enquiries & interest during site visit + handover from retail sales system
(3) Online FAQ
(4) Internal KM
(5) Extended warranties (prices + T&C) + Aftersales offerings
(6) Revamp showroom + Outreach to workers around BC (big banks)
(7) Points system for customers to bid for rewards (e.g. SPG rewards programme)
M2. Joe is invited by an existing customer to an Atlas Club Workshop
M3. A Thank you note & reward points are awarded to the existing customer for referring a friend to an Atlas event or when the friend purchased an Atlas product.
DM2. Sales Advocates hand over "Remember us" estore voucher with incentives to purchase item online & enjoy free delivery, saving Joe the hassle of having to come back to the store
DM5. Joe is happy about his experience and he enjoys incentives & reward points to post reviews via our social media platforms or Atlas website / estore
R1. Joe is offered incentives to bulk purchase e.g. 'Buddy' or 'Threesome' deals
DM4. Joe receives email on how to care for his product. He receives subsequent emails (Total: 4 entertainnment/educational + 1 Soft promotion + 1 hard promotion)
21. Home system is delivered and installed on-time as scheduled.
C1. Joe visits the online FAQ and guides to set up his system and get tips to get the best from his system. Through the online guide, he is able get the answers quickly. A live chat is also available to assist him should he requires live assistance.
C2. Joe is able to resolve his issue despite going to the online self-help. The live chat assisted him to book an appointment for an on-site visit to his house.
C3. During the on-site visit, the technicians are able to resolve the issue. They also build rapport with Joe and is able to discover he is interested in bluetooth speakers. The technician handed him a brochure and a estore voucher should he be interested to purchase.
C4. Technician is able to log Joe's interest online and allocate a sales rep to follow up on his interest via our CRM system.
M1. Joe heard about Atlas Club workshop in the media or through an existing customer and would like to attend
DM1. During Joe's visit to the Atlas' site, an online sales rep is able to observe Joe's interest in a particular product and immediately engages Joe to ask if he would need assistance or further information
DM3. Joe purchases the system online and took on an offer for a complementary speaker at an attractive price as an online exclusive purchase-with-purchase deal
20. Joe is happy to know that his warranty is covered and Atlas has a list of after-sales initiatives e.g. extended warranties that he is interested in.
M4. As an Atlas club member, Joe is able to bid for items online for attractive benefits and rewards using the points he had accumulated from his purchase, referrals or submitted reviews.
This is the customer journey of Joe
Presented first as he transit through the various stages, and presented subsequently with enhancement by Marketing, Retail & CARE
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