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Old Pinyin Journey

No description

Job Jones

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Old Pinyin Journey

Imagine that you are at the Great Wall of China! Zachary quinto... C-low green... and Samuel jackson. They feverishly try to get past the wall. Zachary is trying to use ESP to break it down. Samuel and C-Low are throwing bricks at the wall. Samuel is shouting "I'm getting tired of this mother loving wall in my mother loving way!" C-Low gets mad and sings to the wall "F-You!" When you see the initial Z C or S you will remember that your tongue should be close or touching your teeth (the curved wall). The hill ends at a rocky cliff. These are your palatal ridges. Them funny bumps on the roof of your mouth. As you climb down the cliff you see... Zane Holtz Christina Hendricks Salma Hyack and R kelly Think of the roof of your mouth as the ground and your upper set of teeth as a curved part of the wall. At the base of the wall you see... These four are the so called "retroflex" consonants. But the tongue does not really go backwards. Zane Holtz is trying to pose all cool but Christina Hendricks and Salma Hyack are too busy fawning over R kelly as he serenades them.
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