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Coping With Loss and Grief

No description

Kathy Tassier

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Coping With Loss and Grief

Coping With Loss and Grief
-involves a loss of something/someone
-a termination of the attachment or relationship

-Even if someone views death in the framework of a possible afterlife - there is still the physical loss
-one's reaction to loss
-can be internal or external - might involve physical sensations, feelings, thoughts or cognitions, behaviors, social and spiritual dimensions

Page 241 - Auden on Grief
Five stages from Chapter 6 - Poem on page 251
"Grief may add meaning and perspective to one's life just as shadows give depth to a landscape."
Five Critical Variables that Influence
-The nature of the prior attachment
-The way in which the loss occurred
-The coping strategies of the bereaved
The nature of the support
-The interpersonal process of finding a way to go forward

-The intrapersonal process
Phases in Mourning
-Shock and Numbness
-Yearning and Searching
-Disorganization and Despair - page 250
Tasks in Mourning
-to accept the reality of the loss
-to process the pain of grief
-to adjust to a world without the deceased
-to find an enduring connection with deceased ----Pg. 255 (Meaning Reconstruction)
When is Mourning Over?
"How high is up?"

- advancing satisfactorily when the bereaved individual is able to think of the deceased person with the same intensity of pain

-anniversary reactions
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