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Welcome to Uruguay!

No description

Coy Cronk

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to Uruguay!

Please Visit Uruguay Accomodations Barcelo Club Del Lago is the 5 star hotel and the nicest in Uruguay. There is also beautiful villas for
1,243 euros a week. The marvelous beach houses over-looking the sea. Arts and Culture The Teatro Solis is the oldest theatre
in the world. Jaun Manuel Blanes has many
famous art work. The native language in Uruguay
is Spanish. Food
Asados are traditional
foods made of meats. Welcome to Uruguay Sobremesas are deserts
that are very rich. Cochifrito is made of
lamb and seasoning. Outdoor Recreation Museo del Mar is an
hands-on sea museum. They have soccer and
they also won a gold metal in 1924. Baseketball has been popular
the last few years. Historical Sites Unesco is the world
heritage center. Rio de la Plata is a
fault line. The celebration of Triunph of Cuba
is a big parade of celebrations.
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