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TV Gameshows: Lesson one

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of TV Gameshows: Lesson one

Exam structure
Question one - Knowledge question

What do we have to do?
Look at examples and understand how the media key concepts can be applied.
TV Game shows: Lesson one
Hybrid genres
Some sub-genres of TV game shows are hybridised with other genres of tv programmes.
Starter - Typical codes and conventions of a game show
Opening sequence
Media concept - audience
Uses and gratifications theory:

- Forget about your problems
Personal identity
- Relating to someone/something in the text.
Social interaction
- talking about with others.
- seeing things you shouldn't (like spying)
Use the worksheet to work out what the different sub genres of game shows offer the audience.
Connect your learning
Media representations
Sub-genres of TV game shows
ACTIVITY-ORIENTED – obstacle courses/physical challenges
PUZZLE – Working out puzzles
QUIZ – Answering questions
Questions 2,3 and 4 - Responding to the brief

What do we have to do?
Understand the codes and conventions of TV game shows and how they are advertised, so you can present your ideas for a game show in the exam.
Think of an example for each sub-genre
Reality TV game shows

Cooking TV game shows
Think of examples for each of these hybrid genres
What would you expect to see in a game show?
– taking pleasure in the misfortune of others

Inverted escapism
– Being glad that it’s not happening to you

Visceral response
–A physical or emotional response

Vicarious experience
– Experiencing something through something else

Other audience theories
Choose one programme and explain what sub-genre it belongs to and three things that it offers the audience.
What can you say about the female host being asked to interview the contestants, and the two male hosts commentating over the obstacle course.
Task (homework)
I want you to explain:

What sub-genre of game show Ninja Warrior UK is and why you think so.

Who the target audience (demographic) is and why you think so.

What Ninja Warrior UK offers the audience:
Choose at least three reasons (uses and gratifications or other theories)
Use examples of things that happen in the show to support your ideas.
Explain the examples you choose (PEE)
Example paragraph
P. Ninja Warrior UK offers the audience entertainment (uses and gratifications).

E. Contestants often fall and embarrass themselves, but are not usually harmed because it is a safe environment.

E. This can often be quite humorous which provides entertainment for the audience.
Ninja Warrior UK fits into the "activity" sub genre of TV game shows.
Think of, and name, a new obstacle that you would add to the obstacle course.
Success criteria
Are you.....

Organising your work into paragraphs?
Referring to examples from the text?
Thinking about the effect on the audience?
Using audience theory (Uses and gratifications and other theories)?
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