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No description

Nadya Poon

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Kpop

What is Kpop you Ask?
Kpop is an abbreviation for Korean Pop music; a genre that is continuously becoming more popular
within the United States and around the world.
Here are some example videos to get you familiarized
Wasn't that awesome?! Now here are some links to the top 3 kpop companies in case you're interested in learning even more!
YG Entertainment
SM Entertainment
JYP Entertainment
Now you're probably thinking...
"Why should this be a club?"
This is good and all...
Hoover High School is a very diverse school
filled with people that are a variety of ethnicities
and nationalities and although we have clubs that involve culture, we do not have one that will be quite like the Kpop Club.
One that will allow teenagers to listen, see, and be exposed to what other teenagers across the world are listening, seeing, and being exposed to. In turn, establishing a connection with that culture that otherwise wouldn't have been made.
One that will encourage us to go outside of the box we've put ourselves in, musically, and give us a chance to experience new things.
And nor do we have a club that will be as entertaining, fun, inviting, and mind opening as the Kpop club could be.
Okay. NOW you're probably thinking......
What do they plan on doing in this club?
We intend to watch current Kpop videos each meeting and discuss these videos. The positive thing about Kpop is that since the Korean government is a bit more strict concerning what is appropriate to be seen, most Kpop videos are completely school appropriate.
Watch Videos
Karaoke and Dance
In order to get everyone involved and have fun we thought it would be nice idea to incorporate karaoke and for those who want to, learn some simple dances from the videos we watch.
Eating Korean cuisine will give us the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the culture while also enjoying yummy food.
Reaction Videos
Many people express their love for Kpop by participating in reaction videos. Because we all now have iPads, which have cameras, what better way to incorporate them than make a group reaction video?
And Finally, Exchange Information
Kpop fans have very limited access to information about their favorite artist. A Kpop club would be a place for them to gain valuable knowledge concerning conventions, contest, concerts, and fan meetings.
We truly believe there will be genuine interest in this club and that it will benefit the students of Hoover High School. Hopefully you feel the same.
Thank you for taking your time to view this presentation.
Nadya Poon and Shekeydrah Robinson
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