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Creative Expression

No description

Shyla Lavalle

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Creative Expression

Creative Expression
Why Expression is Essential
The Importance of Art & Creativity

"Creative expression is simply expressing your creativity in some form. Whether it be through art, through music, through writing, through a conversation with a friend, it's really just what we would call
being yourself.
" (Pavlina 2007)
It's also what people refer to as that
state of flow
- that timeless state you're in where you are not really aware so much of what you're doing, it's more of a sense of being.
You're right there in the moment
-you're in the present moment, expressing naturally who you are.
And what you're really expressing is a state of joy

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
creativity, spontaneity
, problem-solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of fact.
When we desire to create, when we desire to delight ourselves and others by bringing something new into the world, we are actively expressing one of the highest aspects of our human potential.
Visual Arts: engaging in visual expression has been linked to
enhanced self worth
and identity through achievement,
reduced stress
, increased positive emotions and
decreased markers of emotional distress
. It also results in a desire to continue in the healing process.
Movement: observed to contribute to a positive body image as well as
increased self-awareness
, problem-solving abilities,
cognitive and physiological well-being
Expressive Writing: can
improve control over pain
, depressed mood and paint severity, it can also
positively affect anger expression
, feelings of social support and other general quality of life measures.
"Art allows you to do three things and this is where the healing comes from. Art puts you in the moment, puts you in touch with yourself and allows you to bring forth something that did not exist before. And those three things taken together are incredibly powerful in terms of adjusting your understanding of yourself, your relationship to yourself, your relationship to the world and your sense about possibilities for the future. "
* Dr. Jeremy Nobel
Music Engagement: has effectiveness in
decreasing anxiety
and tension,
calming neural activity in the brain
and reducing heart and respiratory rates.
Identify what you're drawn to.

Set a time to do it.

Keep at it!

You don't need special training or extraordinary talent to be creative!
by Shyla Lavalle
spark your creativity!
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