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How Emotions Affect Your Heart Rate

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Kate Smith

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of How Emotions Affect Your Heart Rate

How do different emotions affect a human's heart rate?

Different emotions are going to affect a human's heart rate in different ways.
Funny will make a human's heart rate speed up.
Sad will make a human's heart rate slow down.
Scary will make a human's heart rate speed up.
Designing the Experiment
Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor
Lab Quest Mini
Sad Video
Happy Video
Scary Video
Lab Journal
Logger Pro Computer Program
Carrying Out The Experiment
For our experiment, we showed the subject 3 different videos. They all triggered a different emotion. The three emotions we chose to trigger were





Before we started showing the subject the videos, we took their heart rate to see what it was normally. During and afetr each video we then took their heart rate. Each emotion affected their heart rate differently.
Analyzing Data and Observations
Our ending results showed that the 3 different emotions (



affected each subject's heart rate differently.
BY: Kate Smith and Jessica
How Emotions Affect Your Heart Rate
Measuring the BPM.
Before each video, we will calculate the subject's heartrate. During and after each video, we will calculate the subject's heart rate to see how it was affected.
Conclusion and Summary
At the end of the experiment we found out that emotions do in fact affect a human's heart rate. Each emotion affected each subject differently. When Jessica watched the
video her heart rate decreased; Kate's heart rate decreased as well. When Kate watched the
video, her heart rate decreased; Jessica's heart rate increased. When Jessica watched the
video, her heart rate increased; Kate's heart rate increased as well.
Some things we could have changed are:
Doing more trials with each video. We could have found more video's to show each subject.
Measuring the subject's heart rate at normal before each video was shown to them
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