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inca empire

No description

jazlyn rondon

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of inca empire

Inca Empire
Incan Enviroment
The Inca empire spanned along a large portion of the South American coastlines, which contained the Andes Mountain, Jungles and deserts
Inca Government
inca location
Inca Geography
North to South were the Andes Mountain.
The mountains dominated Incan society.
The mountain peaks were worshipped as Gods.
They believed in more than one God.
They worshipped the dead ancestors, founding culture heroes, king, nature and its cycles.
Practiced daily offerings & sacrifices.
They believed that after death, the two soulswhich inhabite each person qould take different ways.
Inti was represented by a golden disc having in it a human figure.
Inca Games/recreation
Tlachtli was played which is also known as a meso american ball game.
The game consist 6 players, a stone ball and a gigh goal point.
Tlachtli is a mixture of basketball, kickball, and soccer.
The Inca Empire was located in Cusco in the Andes Mountain, which is modern day Pero
Inca Religion
Inca Architect&Science
` Tiwanaku
` Temple
` Machu Pichhu
They carved out a montain and turned it into a city.
Macchu Piccu
Incan Temple
Inca's were good organizers, ruling one of the best-run empires in history.
In 100 years they conquered millions of people who had languages and different and made them all part of the Inca empire.
Villagers had to set aside 2/3 of their farmland for Inca ruler and temples.
There were no slackers or you will get punished.
When armies catured new territories they would put leader to death.
Inca society was organized like a pyarmid.

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