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The Giver ABC Project

The Giver symbols from A-Z.

Sandra Mary

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of The Giver ABC Project

By: Miguel & Sandra
The Giver ABC Project
It has the color red and red represents intense emotions. When Jonas was looking at the apple in the tree he saw the color red.
A birth mother giving birth to children. People get assigned whether or not if they should be a birth mother or not.
Birth Mother
A ceremonial of all ages until reaching the house of the old. There are ceremonies for every age and in each age they are required to earn something new each year.
Everyone in their community seemed to be the same. Everyone except for Jonas and Gabriel had the same blue kind of eye color.
Intense Emotions
Elsewhere is another word for death. They inject a serum into your vains and you're gone. The people in the community don't even know what they're doing when they kill people.
No one in the community has feelings. They use pills/injections to control feelings. The only person who has and knows about feelings is the Receiver and the Giver.
During Jonas' journey he had to go through a lot of tasks and his mission was to get to the top of the mountain.
Gabriel was Jonas' brother. Both of them had pale blue eyes. Jonas brought Gabe along because both of them had blue eyes/birthmark.
In the community there are assigned jobs and one of the jobs are being a nurturer. Nurturers take care of the new-born child until they get assigned to family.
The piano is a symbol of music. Nobody in the community has ever heard of music except for the Giver because he has the ability to see beyond.
Jonas is allowed to ask any question and get an answer if he is confused because of his new job of getting selected to become the next Receiver.
The receiver has the ability to see beyond and hear beyond. They know the truth about the community and about what happened to everything. He receives the information.
Jonas is the main character of the story. He is selected to become the receiver because of his courage. He faces new tasks and all of the people in the community can not be able to handle
Jonas has not been assigned to a job he has been selected to become the next Receiver in line. Jonas thought the community has made a mistake. The picture above shows Jonas' face during the ceremony.
Technology has been more advanced during the past years. In the movie, there were holograms and more advanced technology than we usually have today and people in the community don't realize that.
All of the doors to escape in the community are closed. No one is allowed to escape or else they will be sent to elsewhere.
Jonas goes out and into the wild and is not going through the passage way into living out freely into the wild.
Jonas is taking a risky, daring, and undertaking journey by venturing across wherever he might be. He does something daring that may be dangerous or unpleasant.
When Jonas says, "I'm starving." and he gets scolded because he is just hungry not starving, no one is ever starving in his community.
Larissa is the woman who being taken care of on Jonas' hand. He was taking care of her while visiting the House of the Old.
Then the Giver gives Jonas memories of what he had had over the years, Jonas finally experiences what it really means like to feel and to have your heart broken or lifted.
In the movie and book people in the community do not know that elsewhere is another word for killing and the people who
killing them don't know that.
The people in the community do not have options. You either do what you have to do or else you'd get in trouble and the community wouldn't move on.
Every year people in the community turn one year older and everyone in the same day get a special ceremony for them only and get new things.
It's the most wonderful time of the year. During the time when the Giver gave Jonas his favorite memory he gave him Christmas, which was his favorite memory.
During the lesson and time Jonas has spent with the Giver. The Giver transfers the memories within a zap.
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