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The Roaring Twenties

No description

Leslie Walters

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties The fear of
during the 1920s. Led raids against
the Red Scare People opposed to
any and all forms
of government The Red
Scare Attorney
A. Palmer Anarchists Nicola
Vanzetti Charged with murder
because they were foreign and anarchists
during the Red Scare Outlawed war
as an instrument of national policy He wanted to be an:
Isolationist - opposition
to politics and economics
in other countries.
Had his friends in
his cabinet.
The "Ohio Gang".
Scandal - The Teapot Dome.
Albert Fall leased navy oil reserves to
private oil companies Model A $495
Model T $290
Ford made
affordable to
all families. Kellogg-
Pact President
Warren G.
Harding Henry
Ford Model A's were
more luxurious than
the Model T's. Speakeasies
~Received their nickname because they spoke quietly about the underground saloons. Bootleggers
~Received their nickname by smuggling liquor in their boots. Prohibition
18th Amendment
~Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages. To be admitted into the speakeasy, there was a password. Prohibition
was repealed
by the 21st
Amendment. Al Capone
gangster in
Arrested for
tax evasion. John Scopes, a biology teacher, taught
evolution and was arrested. The Scopes
Trial In Tennessee, it was
against the law to
teach evolution. Fundamentalism - literal interpretation of the Bible. They rejected
the theory
of evolution. The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, hired Clarence Darrow to defend Scopes. William Jennings Bryan was the prosecutor. Scopes was found guilty and fined $100. Women Flappers Women's Job Opportunity Began to assert their independence and demand the same freedoms as men. Free thinking young women with new fashions and attitudes. They graduated college, but still earned less than men. They worked as librarians, police officers, bankers, lawyers, and even probation officers. The battle for equality had began! Miss America Pageant
~1921 in Atlantic City, NJ
~had to be 16 to enter
(Now 18-25) Radio - the most powerful communication Talkies Crossword Puzzles
Mahjong These were popular games Movies with sounds Charlie Chaplin Silent Film Star Hollywood
~The movie capital Mickey Mouse!
Produced by Walt Disney Communism-
system based on an one-party
government and state has ownership
of all property Palmer appointed
J. Edgar Hoover as
the head of anti-
radical division in
the Justice
~Later known as
the FBI. End of Section 1 Warren Harding - Platform for presidency was "Return to Normalcy" Fordney-McCumber Tariff -
raised taxes on imports to
protect American businesses quota system-
a maximum number
of people who could
enter the U.S. from
each foreign country Albert Fall- Interior secretary
that caused the Teapot Dome
Scandal Teapot Dome Scandal -
Fall's secret leasing of
oil-rich lands for the navy
to private companies for
money. Dawes Plan -
U.S. banks loaned Germany money.
Germany used that money to pay their reparations to Britain and France.
Then, Britain and France paid U.S. back.
(U.S. paid themselves) End of Section 2 Urban Spawl -
cities spread out in all directions Installment plan-
an arrangement where the buyer pays over an extended time with a small deposit Modern Advertising The airplane industry grew by
carrying mail. End of Section 3 QUIZ! 1. Red Scare
2. communism
3. A. Mitchell Palmer
4. J. Edgar Hoover
5. Warren Harding
6. anarchists
7. Sacco and Vanzetti
8. isolationist
9. Henry Ford
10. Airplane industry a. introduced new cars and
the assembly line.
b. grew by carrying mail.
c. led raids against the Red
d. head of the anti-radical
department, later called FBI.
e. opposed governments of all
f. tried and was executed for
being anarchists and
g. fear of communism.
h. one party government that
owned all the private
i. "Return to normalcy".
j. opposed politics and
economics of other
countries. End of Section 1 double standard-
a set of principles
granting greater
sexual freedom to
men than to women Birthrates declined, due to the
availability of birth control. End of Section 2 Babe Ruth, Sultan
of Swat, hit 60 home
runs. Dempsey was an
unbeatable boxing
star until Tunney
won. Howard Carter
found King Tut's tomb. Red Grange-
the running back for the University of Illinois, helped have 5 undefeated seasons and 105 victories. Gertrude Ederle
was the first woman to swim the English Channel. Charles Lindbergh
made the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic. George Gershwin-
classical composer. Original Silent Film The first major movie
with sound is "The Jazz Singer" Sinclair Lewis
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway Edna St. Vincent Millay Georgia O'Keeffe painter author poet Slang terms: Winnie the Pooh
Double Bubble and Dum Dums
Baby Ruth baloney
bee's knees
cash or check
tomato End of Section 3 African American
move from the
South to the
North a poet, lawyer, and NAACP
executive secretary that
led the fight for bills
against lynching Jamaican immigrant who believed that African Americans should build a separate society The
Migration James
Johnson Marcus
Garvey Harlem
Renaissance literary and artistic
movement celebrating
African-American culture Claude McKay
Langston Hughes
poets Louis Armstrong -trumpet
Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington-pianist
Bessie Smith-singer Paul Robeson
dramatic actor W.E.B.
Du Bois founding member
of the NAACP NAACP National Association
for the Advancement
of Colored People. Jazz was born
in New Orleans End of Section 4 QUIZ!! 1. Prohibition
2. Speakeasies
3. Bootleggers
4. Al Capone
5. John Scopes
6. Flappers
7. Babe Ruth
8. Charlie Chaplin
9. Talkies
10. Steamboat Willie
11. Louis Armstrong
12. Edward Kennedy
"Duke" Ellington A. Emancipated young women.
B. Practiced carrying liquor in
legs of boots.
C. Biology teacher teaching evolution.
D. Prohibited alcohol.
E. Gangster convicted of tax evasion.
F. Spoke "easy" about illegal liquor.
G. Comedian in silent films.
H. First Cartoon with sound and
Mickey Mouse.
I. Jazz pianist and composer.
J. Sultan of Swat who hit 60 home
K. Trumpet player.
L. Films with sound. credit- Alfred E. Smith- McNary- Haugen bill called for federal price supports for key products. an arrangement in which consumers agreed to buy now and pay later for purchases. democratic candidate against Herbert Hoover in 1928. Dow Jones Industrial
Average- Black Tuesday- Great Depression the day the stock market crashed. 1929-1941, the economy was in severe decline and millions of people were out of work. the barometer of the stock market health. Black Tuesday Hydroelectric power, fuel oil,
and natural gas gave competition to coal mining. Herbert Hoover vs. Alfred Smith
in the 1928 election.
Who won?
Herbert Hoover won. Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act- established the highest protective tariff in U.S. history. October 29, 1929 Other causes:
-old and decaying industrial base
-a crisis in the farm sector
-an availability of easy credit
-an unequal distribution of income a tariff is a tax on goods imported and exported End of Section 1 Shantytowns - little towns
consisting largely of shacks Soup Kitchens-
place where food is offered
free to the needy bread lines-
lines of people
waiting to
receive food dust bowl-
exhausted land blew
away with the wind
after a bad drought direct relief-
cash payments
or food provided
by the government
to the poor 24 African Americans died by lynching in 1933. Monopoly and the radio were entertainment Some cities refused to hire married women
as schoolteachers. Schools closed
and children
went to work. End of Section 2 Herbert Hoover-was president. Hoovervilles-
shantytowns new nickname Hoover blankets-
newspapers used as blankets Hoover flags-
jean pockets turned inside out Boulder Dam-
Hoover ordered the construction on
the Colorado River between Nevada
and Arizona.
Now its called Hoover Dam Federal Home Loan Bank-
lowered mortgage rates for homeowners
and allowed farmers to refinance their farm loans to avoid foreclosure Reconstruction finance corporation-
authorized emergency financing to banks,
life insurance companies, railroads,
and other large businesses. Walter Waters led the Bonus Army The Bonus Army was gassed, and an 11 month old
and an 8 year old boy died from it. Two people were shot and many were injured. Bonus Army- veterans who marched
onto Washington in demand for their "bonuses" for joining the army Quiz!!! 1. Black Tuesday
2. Great Depression
3. Dust Bowl A. 1929-1941; economy declined.
B. Exhausted land blew away.
C. Stock market crashed.
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