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We should get another kitten

No description

britney Ratliff

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of We should get another kitten

We should get another kitten
Do you ever wonder what Tabby does all day, home alone? Don't you ever get lonely by yourself? Ever wonder how Tabby feels? She has feelings too. I bet she gets bored playing by herself all day. Mark probably doesn"t play with her 24/7. She could sure use a playmate even though it would be really young.
Where would we get her?
We could simply take a trip to the humane society one day. We could pick her out ourselves. When we got tabby it was cheap. Next time you get your paycheck we could maybe do it. I'm sure Tabby would warm right up to this little kitten.
What about other expenses like food?
Easy! She would grow up eating the same things as Tabby. She could use all the same toys, I'm sure Tabby wouldn't mind one bit. This little kitten wouldn't eat too much.
Kitten meets cat for first time
Do you remember the day we brought home Tabby? How cute she was? What about when she tried to wrap her little legs around the chair? Now shes too big to do that. Do you remember how cute she was? That was all nine years ago. Just remember that playful little kitten nine years ago.
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