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No description

Ice cube krause

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of SHAQ


Larger than life
By Nate Krause
I think Shaquille O'neal should come to Boone Grove Middle School because he is talented, he is funny, and he is very entertaining.
Shaquille O'neal is talented. Shaq is an extremely
talented basketball player. He is one of the best. Although he missed over 5,000 free throws, Shaquille O'neal broke the backboard 4 times, dunked over 100,000 times, and has snagged 12,566 rebounds.
Shaq went to LSU where he became a lottery pick in the draft.
Shaquille O'neal is extremely hilarious. Shaquille O'neal is known for messing with the media. Shaquille O'neal has tons of nicknames including the big aristotle, Shaq Attack, Hack a Shaq, Shaq Diesel, Shaq daddy, and the big dance.
Shaq is extremely hilarious. Shaquille O'neal has been in lots of movies including Jack and Jill, the Lego Movie, Scary Movie 4, Grownups 2, and Bluechips. Shaquille O'neal has also recorded 8 albums including Steel, and kazaam. Shaq has also wrote several books including Shaq Uncut. Shaq even has his own video game called Shaq Fu!
I will miss a lot of things including the backboards, free throws, and messing with the media ~ Shaquille O'neal before he officially retired
Shaq was called "the shaqtus" while he played for the Phoenix Suns
Shaq has been on 6 NBA teams including the Orlando Magic, the LA Lakers, the Phoenix Suns, the Miami Heat, the Cleavland Cavaliers, and finally the Boston Celtics.




NBA .com

Shaquille O'neal is one of my biggest idols. he is an inspiration to me and one of the best basketball players of all-time.
Shaquille O'neal is now on ESPN where he has his own segment called Shaq'tin A Fool, where he counts down some of the best bloopers of the NBA.
Shaquille O'neal is the uncle of the Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr
Shaquille O'neal was deputized as a cop in Miami
Shaquille O'neal was known for break dancing. That is where he got his nickname "The Big Dance".
Shaq should come to Boone Grove because he is talented, funny, and entertaining.
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